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Eagle Point Anilao Dive Resort on the beach in Batangas is a well-known diving resort, that can be your best Batangas weekend getaway to escape from the four corners of your office or probably find a career being a certified diver or dive instructor which you can also learn some basic and advanced scuba diving courses to teach your fellow friends, colleagues or anyone who’s willing to learn.


Overcome your scuba fear

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These are a few words that come to mind for some people when they hear “scuba diving”. For me it was claustrophobia.

And even though you’re in the wide open ocean, I thought being surrounded by water would actually cause my claustrophobia anxiety to rush through my body. Thankfully I was wrong! And I’m here to tell you that with a little bit of research you can try this wonderful sport and bury your fear.

The First Steps

Identify that thing that scares you. It’s easy to say, “scuba terrifies me,” but what about it causes you anxiety? For a lot of people it’s being out of their element. I mean it’s not exactly “normal” to be submerged under meters of water. For others it’s a fear of the unknown. Maybe you’re scared of getting water in your mask when you’re under water. Or getting attacked by sharks. Whatever the case, take Bill Cosby’s advice:

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.


Which brings us to the next step: decide if you actually want to experience scuba diving. There are over a million active divers worldwide. What’s so special about these people? Why can they enter the underwater world time and time again? It’s because they chose to take a leap into the unknown, to live outside their element – and realized how much fun it is!.

So What’s Next?

Find someone who’s enthusiastic about scuba diving. For me, it was my best friend who completed his Open Water through his university – diving in rock quarries! If you’ve got a relative or friend who’s had the experience, quiz that person. Find out as much as you can because a.) I’m sure they’ll have some interesting stories about what they’ve seen and b.) have some advice about how they conquered their fear.

If you don’t know anyone personally, go down to your LDS (local dive shop). Scuba divers tend to be some pretty friendly people. And if you want to talk with them about diving, you’ll probably make a new friend on the spot. Not to mention, your LDS can help you with gear questions, courses and anything else diving related.

No LDS nearby? Hop on Facebook and search for scuba diving groups. Head over to the ScubaBoard forum new divers and those considering diving. There are also loads of scuba meet-ups and worldwide diving groups onGoogle.

Don’t Be Shy

Don’t let your inexperience deter you from seeking out information.

Everyone has to start somewhere.


Most people will be happy to help you out or point you in the right direction. Not to mention the people you’ll meet! Scuba diving brings people together from all over the world. I’ve gained many friendships in my short time with the sport.

Be sure to ask questions. Your confidence will come with the knowledge you gain – and the more you know, the more comfortable you’ll become around the sport. You’ll start to learn how safe scuba diving actually is at a recreational level (and that clearing your mask underwater is one of the easiest things to do).

Final Step

Take the course! The only way to actually overcome your fear is to tackle it head on – c’mon, you didn’t think I held a magic formula for this did you? :)You’re gonna have to get in the water with scuba gear. Take it slow and be sure to find an instructor that you feel comfortable with and who understands your fear.

Find that helpful instructor

Find that helpful instructor


You also have the option of an intro lesson which usually ends with a confined dive – either in a pool or bay. This is nice if you’re unsure because it gives you a hands on experience with the equipment and actually allows you to try breathing underwater! The money and time you’ve spent on the course goes towards your Open Water certificate if you choose to go ahead and do that – which I know you will ;)

Once you decide which route to take, make the commitment and follow through. You’ll be proud of yourself and happy in the fact that you have the strength to overcome your fear!


Credits to Backpacking Scuba Diver

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