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Company Outing Facts: 5 Things Your Employees Wished Their Managers Knew

Anilao Batangas Beach Resort in Philippines is well known for company outing and team building venues, and Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort can make your events happen and one of a kind for your company. But let us know first the 5 things your managers should know about their staffs.

5 things i wish my managers knew blog

Here are 5 things your employees wished their managers knew:

1. I put in solid hard work, day in and day out. I don’t cause drama; I don’t start fires. Since I’m not a problem and don’t draw negative attention, I tend to fly under the radar. This does not mean I don’t need to be recognized for my consistent hard work.

Lack of praise and recognition is one of the leading causes of employee turn-over. It doesn’t cost anything if you to tell me how much my contribution means to our organization every once in a while.

2. That guy over there who’s slacking is draining the energy out of our entire department. We’re resentful of that guy for being dead weight, but since you’re not doing anything about it, you’re obviously ok with it, and that’s causing us to resent you for it too. It’s your job to make the hard decision and clear the air for all of our sakes.

3. It’s ok to give me pointers on how to improve what I’m doing when you see me doing something wrong. It doesn’t have to wait for my annual performance review.

4. I need a regular dose of meaningful training. I want to know I’m a valuable employee and you believe enough in me to invest in my growth.

5. It’s pointless to tell me your door is always open if I know your mind is closed. If I have a problem or a new idea, I need to know I can actually take you up on that offer for your time and not feel like I’m ruining your day when I actually come calling.

That doesn’t mean you have to jump at my every idea, but I at least need to know that I’m being heard.


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