Intro-Diving Adventure of Mr. Roque with Ms. Hershey at Eagle Point Anilao Beach and Dive Resort

Intro-Diving Adventure at Eagle Point Anilao Beach and Dive Resort

Anilao Diving Resorts in Batangas are proud to give you the highest quality of scuba diving experiences that takes you to the enormous variety of marine habitats in thrilling dive sites, this activity has made Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Diving Resort one of the most popular scuba diving destinations here in the Philippines.

Eagle Point Anilao Diving Resort offers a variety of scuba diving courses and it includes Introductory Dive for beginners. Present year, first day of February Mr. Roque Anonuevo and his friend Ms.Hershey Pesigan was scheduled to perform introductory diving in Anilao Diving Resort, with our very own Professional dive instructor Mr. Lito Castillo.

No more waiting, the adventure begins right now!


The first part of the adventure in introductory diving was the safety and equipment briefings at the sundeck of the Anilao beach resort.

But, before we proceed let me tell you why you should try introductory diving.

Introductory diving is intended for everyone who never try scuba before; it also refers to Discover Scuba Diving because it is exactly that, this activity aims to discover, explore and share the wonder of aquatic realm and the great way to learn basic scuba diving, before committing to advance scuba diving courses.

Introductory diving allows us to get close up with the colorful marine life, breathing underwater and the feeling of total weightlessness. It is one of the most amazing experiences in life! 🙂


 Viewable in this picture that Mr. Lito Castillo discussed the use of scuba regulator and the tank.

It is important to know every single detail about scuba diving gears because once you understand what each piece of gear does and how it works together, it quickly makes sense!


 Mr. Castillo demonstrates the proper breathing through the scuba regulator.

There are several breathing techniques underwater especially when we descend, during the dive and ascend.

 Nice scene! They were all listening; they really like to see what’s beneath the surface.


 Revealed in this photo, that Mr. Castillo flaunts several tips in avoiding leaks in diving mask during the operation underwater.

According to Mr. Lito Castillo, before diving you have to make sure all skirt edges are in contact with your skin, then inhaling gently —without the strap attached — to see whether you can get an airtight seal. Double-check to make sure the mask is properly centered on your face and the position of the strap on the back of your head.

After the demonstration of scuba diving gears and the do’s and don’ts underwater. Mr. Lito conducted pre-dive safety check in each person involved in introductory diving.

After a few minutes, the consultations were done.


 “Listen, Observe and Apply” a simple strategy to learn.



 Time for Application!

That was Mr. Roque and Ms. Hershey together with Mr. Castillo in their scuba diving outfits and gears ready to apply their learnings in salt water reef pool – the beach resorts salt water pool with baby sharks in depth of 9 ft.

They were excited even their face expressions told so.


 Diving in salt water reef pool was a successful activity. Now, for the much thrilling part, the group tried the shore dive in depth of 30 ft.

They mounted with satisfaction of adventure, fun and the incomparable experience looking and capturing distinct sea animal creatures.

Want to Dive in Style?

Visit Eagle Point Anilao Beach and Dive Resort and see yourself what’s available in the fabulous water that surrounds Anilao. On our website you will find all the information you need.


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