Norwegian Mission Alliance in Eagle Point Batanags Beach and Dive Resort

Norwegian Mission Alliance in Eagle Point Batangas Beach and Dive Resort

Batangas beaches and resorts have fresh air and sunshine – the perfect condition of weather for team building activities and Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Diving Resort has been hosting and organizing team building activities and games for different small and large companies here in the Philippines. That’s why Eagle Point Beach and Resort scheme a lot of activities to unite your team and make team building fun and meaningful for your vigorous staff members.

Join Norwegian Mission Alliance when they explore this famous beach resort in Batangas 🙂

On 4th to 6th day of March, year 2015, Norwegian Mission Alliance conducted their missionary seminar in Balayan Ballroom of Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort. The participants arrived at 10:30 in the morning, and our genuine staff forgathered all the participants and all room keys were given to the coordinator. First they checked in to their assigned rooms, rested a few minutes and changed their clothes.

Go in with us as the team commences their day! 🙂

Day 1:

The welcome drinks and light AM Snack and also the lunch were served at Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant of the Beach Resort.


 All the participants savor different dishes in Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant.


 After the scrumptious lunch, the members started their worship seminar at Balayan Ballroom. It took the whole afternoon when they finished worshipping.

Every individual needs spiritual enhancement to maintain our strong connectivity and communication with God.


 At 7:00 after dawn, they ate another set of different dishes in Beach Resort’s Restaurant.

With the smiles in their faces? I guess they relish their dinner.

2nd day: Another blissful day for our team 🙂

The group stayed at Balayan Ballroom of the beach resort for their second day worship seminar.


 The seminar ended at 2:00 in the afternoon, after their seminar it was their free time and the clock ticked, enable for them to prepare for social night placed in the poolside of beach resort.

Let’s Party! Party! 🙂

The social night started at 7:00 PM at the poolside of the beach resort with videoke.




 They were divided into 6 groups for their group presentation. Every after presentation there was a special song number from the other group.

The social night has ended around 10:20 PM.

 Last day in the Beach Resort! 🙂

Friday morning, they masticate their breakfast at 7:00 AM. The group decided to spend their last day in the famous Sepoc Beach Center.  It’s a well-known venue for team building activities and programs owned by Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort. 🙂


At 8:30 in the morning, they rode a big boat to go to Sepoc Beach Center.


 When they reached the fame Sepoc Beach Center, everybody felt glad with the Welcome Sign with the name of their group. 

They were amazed by the ravishing scenery of the place.


 While the participants were taking a short break, Pastor Loy and Mr. JM (Social Director of Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort) arrange the Team Building Activities.

Pastor Loy and Mr. JM divided them into 2 groups, namely Tropang Anghit and Team Teens.


Before they started the thrilling activities and games, they did some stretching exercises.

Below are the photos of the group engaged in different team building activities designed by Mr. JM and Pastor Loy.



The first game was Obstacle relay for 50 points which was won by Team Teens. The next game was Sack Race for 75 points and won by Team Teens again. Last game was the Tug of War for 150 points, 3 rounds.

The game became very serious because if the Team Teens lose the game, the first two games will be wasted. At the end of the game, Sorry to Team Teens but the Tropang Anghit won the 2 rounds and earned 150 points and got the priority for the free use of kayak.


After the exciting and tiring games, they savored one more set of delicious dishes of beach resort for their lunch at the pavilion of Sepoc Beach Center.


After lunch, they took some free time to swim and explore Sepoc Beach.

At 2:30 PM, the group comes up with a decision to go back to the beach resort then they checked out.

We are glad that your company consent us to join and have fun with your mettlesome participants. Thank you and we are looking forward to see you next year 🙂

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