Global Maritime Group Relish The Fun in Eagle Point Resort

Corporate Events? Eagle Point Beach and Anilao Diving Resort is one of the eminent beach resorts in Batangas that can handle a huge group of fanatical staff members to conduct their team building activities and games because Eagle Point Batangas Beach and Dive Resort have the product range and quality to work with you year after year.

Here’s another superlative story of our fervid guest. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Last Friday to Sunday, Global Maritime Logistics Support Incorporated delves into the natural resources of Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Diving Resort. The first batch arrived first, they came from Subic Branch then the last batch from Manila Main Office arrived.

Welcome Global Maritime Logistics Support Incorporated! 🙂



 When the number of participants was completed, they swiftly went to Sepoc Beach Center for their Team Building Program.

eagle_point_resortSmile 🙂 

The juiced up participants on their way to Sepoc Beach Center – a well-known venue for company outing and team building activities owned and maintained by Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort Management.

When they reached the renowned Sepoc Beach Center, the participants immediately drank lots of water and took a few minutes to rest.

After a couple of minutes they started the much awaiting team building activities and games.

Low-lying are the snapshots of the peppy participants of Global Maritime Logistics Support Group while enjoying every game they play.


 The first game they played was the fill in the drums, second was the obstacle relay then the tug of war -these three games prove out the strength of your physical body, the aim to encourage unity of your team and enhances the ability, communication skills and strategic planning.


 After the tiring yet extremely fun activities, they took their lunch in the pavilion of Sepoc Beach Center of the beach resort.

 Take a glance of the group while savoring their delectable lunch 🙂



 At 12:00 – 2:00 PM they spent their leisure time by playing volleyball. After they played volleyball then continued to their remaining activities.


There were two remaining games the sand castle and longest line, which will also test the ability of each team member.


The team building program ended at 4:00 PM, the group decided to went back to the main beach resort.


 After dawn, the group tasted their yummy PM snacks and also their dinner at the poolside of the beach resort.


 Back to back with their dinner was the social night for our exceptional guest.

 Day 2:

The group spent their time soothing themselves the whole day, a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Some of the participants went swimming at the main pool of the beach resort. Others checked out the salt water reef pool and did some snorkeling. They have no activities for the whole day so everyone explore different amenities of this beach resort.

These enthusiastic guests revel in different swimming pools of the beach resort.




 Final day 🙂

Last day to escape from the strident noise of the city!

They ate their breakfast at the poolside of the beach resort…


 Then the gentleman took some photos at the pier beside the salt water reef pool of the beach resort. When the clock strikes 12:00 noon the Global Maritime Logistics Support group checked out.


 Another adventure has ended. Just keep in mind that Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort will be delighted to be of service from engaging icebreaker, energizer to team building games and exercises. We will let your event a full team building day and your delegates are sure to be delighted.

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