Golden Donuts Team Building Event Held at Eagle Point

Golden Donuts Team Building Event Held at Eagle Point

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas offers the finest venue for corporate team buildings. This beach resort is only two to three hours’ drive from manila. We facilitate team building activities to improve team dynamics, build trust, facilitate communications and of course to observe teamwork among employees of each companies.


The group arrived 10:40 am in the resort form Manila. Shuttle was sent to pick-up them from the parking and they were assisted by the security personnel. Upon arrival, welcome drinks was served in the dining lobby. Since the rooms are ready, we released the keys to them and they had their check-in.

After keeping their luggage in their respected rooms, they went to the pier for boat loading. They left the resort around 11:35 via big boat (GODGIVEN): F&B staff-3, nurse-1, facilitator-1. We reached Sepoc Beach Center around 12:00noon. While preparing for docking maneuver, everybody was shouting and jumping for excitement especially when they saw the welcome stone signage “WELCOME GOLDEN DONUTS INC.” After unloading, they put their things on the tables and they had their rehearsal for simple cheering presentation. We started the activities with an opening prayer lead by their supervisor followed by a welcome remarks from their General Manager. After that, I gave them some information about the island. The games was finished around 1:15pm and their lunch was served in a buffet set-up. After meal, they had their free time. They also played volleyball while some of them do the mountain trekking. We left the island around 3:35pm and reached the main resort by 4:09pm.



Obstacle Relay!!!


Fill in the Drums!!!


After fixing themselves, PM snack was served during their meeting at Trellis Function Room for their strategic planning. After the conference they proceed to poolside pavilion for their dinner. The coordinator requested for a videoke and was accommodated with the corresponding charge. Before they started their social, the coordinator came to me and he said that they brought some drinks. I answered him that bringing or consuming drinks inside the resort is not allowed unless they will pay for the corkage fee. According to the coordinator, they had a copy sent by Ms. Therese of Sales Office that the drinks and crackers had no corkage fee. And because the captain of banquet Mr. Elias Selso was questioning about the corkage, so we decided to call the sales account manager to double check and we were advised that it was agreed with the client. We asked the sales account manager in charge to send us an email about the agreed free corkage for 2 tequilas and some crackers.

Conference at Trellis Function Room


Having fun with their drinks while singing in the karaoke machine, they had a lot of fun and enjoyment. They finished their social around 11:30pm. The next morning, breakfast was served around 7:30am at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant. Then they proceed to the function hall again to continue their company meeting. After some rest and picture taking at salt water reef pool, they vacated their rooms and had their late check out around 1:00pm

Dinner and Social Night at Poolside Pavilion



To GOLDEN DONUTS INC., thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this precious moment that will surely be recollected by each member of the company! We hope to see you next year!

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is very grateful to have profound guests like you. :):):):):)

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