De La Salle University-Dasmariñas at Eagle Point Anilao Dive Resort

De La Salle University-Dasmariñas at Eagle Point Anilao Dive Resort

Eagle Point Resort is a beautiful destination for groups who conduct their team building and company outings. Just like the De La Salle University- Dasmariñas who had this Batangas beach resort as venue of their event last August 19-22, 2014.


Company Name: De La Salle University-Dasmariñas

Purpose: School Activity

Date of Stay: August 19-20, 2014; August 21-22,2014

ales Person: Ms. Ms. Liezel Larcena

Assisted by: Mr. JM  and Ms. Grace

Their activity is related with the status of the Biodiversity here in Batangas. They have chosen the Eagle Point Resort for its beautiful dive spots. According to Ms. Bala, one of their coordinators, it is their first time to conduct such type of event.

The first batch arrived late because they conducted their tree planting activity somewhere here in Batangas before going to the resort.So when they arrived, they just ate their dinner at the Balayan Ballroom. After that, some of them proceeded to their rooms while others went to the pool and enjoyed the night.

The first batch had their training at the main pool area headed by Mr. Lito Castillo, our in-house PADI dive instructor.The training is about how to properly breathe while snorkeling and the harmful species the group might encounter under the sea. After the discussion, the students were divided into two groups: the first one went to the shoreline to collect and analyze some of the species that can be seen there while the second group went to Sepoc Beach Center to analyze the species and the status of the Botanical life at the island. The resort management also assisted four students that will interview the residents of the Maricaban Island. The students also went to the Sepoc Hiking Area where they have seen the beautiful view of the Maricaban Island. They have also seen a butterfly hanging on a branch. This is a proof that different species could live safely at the Sepoc Island.After they have completed all the requirements, they swum and played soccer and volleyball along the shore. They went back to the resort at lunchtime to eat  at the Balayan Ballroom and afterwards they checked out.



A discussion/ training headed by Mr. Lito Castillo


The students getting ready for the discussion


The 2nd group on their way to Sepoc Island




Fun Time: Playing Soccer after the Assignments

The second batch is arrived earlier than the first batch. When they arrived,they waited in the pool area for the keys to be given by their coordinator. They are also blessed to have seen the dolphins playing along the shoreline of the resort.
They really had fun watching the dolphins that seldom visit the resort.

After that, they went to their respective rooms and waited for dinner. They had their dinner at the resort’s restaurant and afterwards some of them went to the pool side and sang their hearts out at the videoke. The next day, the group had an early wake up call at around 5:30 in the morning.



2nd batch while listening to Mr. Lito’s discussion


The students having a “pictorial” at the roof of the big boat.


The students enjoying the view at Sepoc Beach Center

They had also undergone the same procedure as the first batch. They listened to the discussion of Mr. Lito Castillo and they were divided into two groups to collect and analyze the different marine and botanical species in the area. After that, they checked out of the resort leaving us with a promise-a promise that they would comeback at the resort.

Another successful and fun event!


We would like to thank the following  faculty members of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas:

Ms. Janneth P. Bala, Mr. Wilson R. Jacinto and Ms. Gladys F. Guirre.

We would also like to thank Ms. Tanya and Mr Hector Lillio for bringing the students in the resort.

Thanks for everyone who made this event possible, especially to Mr. JM and Ms. Grace for assisting the group.

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