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Companies often look for resorts in Batangas because these resorts offer an affordable yet a really good service. Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach Resort is one of the cheap resorts in Batangas. They offer affordable Company Outing Overnight Package where you got to enjoy the view of the resort and the excellent service they offer. One of those companies who got to experience the beauty of the resort and the great service the staff offer is the Quantium Philippines Inc.

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Company Name: Quantium Solutions Inc.

Purpose: Team Building Activity

Date of Stay: August 16-17, 2014

Who:  38 paxS

ales Person: Ms. Charllote Almirante

Assisted by: Mr. JM  and Ms. Grace

During their first day, Quantium Solutions Inc. arrived at the resort at exactly ten in the morning. After the resort staff have served their welcome drinks, the group, headed by Ms. Helen, proceeded to their room assignments to put their things. After that, they were advice by the resort management to be at the Pier area at exactly 11 am because they will conduct their team building at the Sepoc Beach Center. And because of the excitement of the people to see the island, they gathered at the exact time and they went to the island at around 11 am.  They all arrived at the beach center around 12 noon. And because they are already hungry, the staff gave them their lunch first. Their meal is mostly composed of grilled items so they have to wait for the food to be cooked really well. While waiting, some took pictures of the Sepoc Beach Center. When the food was already prepared, the in-house facilitator called them and they had their sumptuous meal. After that, they just rested a few minutes and they started the team building.

Dive_Resort_Anilao_ batangas_beach_resort_02 The group having their lunch at Sepoc Beach Center

 The Sack Race

Dive_Resort_Anilao_ Batangas_resort_02

Fill in the Drum

Dive_Resort_Anilao_ team_building_venues_02

 The Obstacle Relay

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Their program started at exactly 1:20pm. They were divided in two teams: the Team Joel and Team King. They had different games such as sack race, tug of war, kayak race and obstacle relay to determine who will won the contest. They had so much fun during the games but only one should win. And the winner of the tam building is no other than Team Joel. The team building was finished at around 3 in the afternoon and the group was back at the area at around 4pm.But due to the sudden change of weather, the resort staff decided to park the boat at the Balitian, the other side of the resort. From there, a shuttle fetched them and they went back to the main lobby of the resort. Because of exhaustion and tiredness, the group decided to stay in their assigned rooms while waiting for their dinner.

Dive_Resort_Anilao_ team_building_venue_02

 The whole group having a picture at Sepoc Beach Center after the team building.   They were given their free time on the second day of their stay at Eagle Point Resort. Some took pictures while others swam in the pool. Some stayed in the resort’s game room where they could play billiards, table tennis and a lot more games. After they have enjoyed the facilities of the resort, they went home and checked out at around ten in the morning.

Another successful and fun event!


Thanks for everyone who made these event possible, especially to Mr. JM and Ms. Grace for assisting the group.

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