Globe Telecom Planning Session at Eagle Point Resorts

Recently event that happened at Eagle Point Anilao Batangas beach resorts was the planning session of Globe Telecom and they did an open water activities likesnorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking. The Globe Telecom is a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines and their mission is to inspire and enrich lives through communications by way of their vision of having the happiest customers around the world. Now, I want to share with you guys their happenings, enjoy everyone 🙂

Globe Telecom


What: RTM 2015- Planning Session

When: July 9 – 11, 2014

Who: 18 people (Directors)

Coordinator from their company: Ms. Kerl Fajardo- Trinidad

In house in-charge: Ms. Annie Cotacte and Ms. Grace Glaud


DAY 1  (July 9, 2014)

Wednesday morning, when Ms. Grace (Social Director) and Ms. Kerl (the coordinator) of the event of the Globe Telecom keep updating to each other, while they were on their way to Eagle Point Resorts.

(Here’s a picture of Ms. Grace from our beloved Eagle Point Anilao Batangas beach resort

& Ms. Kerl of Globe Telecom).


The group arrived around 4:30pm and we waited for Ms. Kerl to come, when she finally arrived at the Eagle Point Resort we eagerly talked to each other in regard to the flow of their event for the next day. Since they have spare time they decided to have a short session at the Bay exactly 6pm until 8pm then with their ala-carte dinner arranged by Mr. Romy at Eagle Nest with a set-up of videoke.

(Social Night at Mojito Bar and Grill)


DAY 2– July 10, 2014 

On the second day, they had their breakfast at 7am— 8am, then it was preceded by a meeting at the Bay view. It was a private (close door) meeting that even our staffs cannot enter the room so Ms. Grace and Ms. Kerl just had a conversation over the phone. They also had their snacks at 10am at the Bay view next with their lunch in a family style at the Eagle’s nest exactly 1PM. Then back again with the meeting session at 2PM.

As the session meeting was done, they took their family style dinner at 8PM at the pool side with a set-up of videoke also until 12 midnight until they feel like they needed to rest. It was like they had a mini party the second day!





It was a big sip of (mojito & long island tea) in a big glasses of fun drinks, cheers for the BIG BOSS of Globe telecom Mr. Joe Caliro with our own F&B Manager Mr. Romy!

DAY 3 – July 11, 2014

They start the final day with a breakfast at Eagle Nest exactly 6:30 in the morning, followed by an Introductory dive activity of the 8 persons to 8am until 10am and was escorted by Mr. Lito Castillo (our in-house diving instructor) with a 3 assisting dive guide. Every one of them enjoyed the great experience they had at introductory dive, especially the big boss Mr. Joe Caliro of Globe Telecom.

Basic Diving Lesson


Your first dive would be in our in-house salt water.





2nd dive would be in the open sea.


Then the rest of their team do snorkeling, and swimming at the main pool of the Eagle Point Resort in Batangas.


After the diving lesson we went to Sepoc Beach Center.


They did Kayaking and swim there.


They had their family style lunch at the island.


This was a happy group that it caught my attention (Ms. Grace) when Mr. Joe Caliro the big boss of Globe Telecom stand and told everyone that, “Thank you for the host of this event, every thing was perfect” and “We highly appreciated Sir! Thank you also for trusting with us and I’m glad that you choice Eagle Point Resort for your venue of event” said by Ms. Grace.

It was actually a lucky day for them too, Ms. Grace gave a big surprised by telling them that we are going to release the Ocean endangered species— the baby sea turtles so they could also get the chance of experiencing it.  But before releasing the baby turtles, the big boss Mr. Joe Caliro gave a nice speech to everyone in regards to their company goal.


Followed by more pictures of the group then they pack-up their things and they’re ready to go back at the main resort.


In regards to photo booth I only had a picture with Mr. Joe.


Overall complain, we encountered was they can’t even handle to eat more foods at all! 🙂

Thank you and we hope to you see guys soon to our Eagle Point Anilao beach resorts in Batangas.

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