Lufthansa Technik Phils. Flare-up The Fun At Eagle Point Resort

Beaches in Batangas bring together Eagle Point Beach and Anilao Diving Resort as one of the fantastic beach resorts in Batangas found in a paradise location, the ideal venue for the popular team building program that hand over the best challenging activities and games for your team to improve and enhance their ability, communication skills and strategic planning.

Lufthansa Technik Philippines marks another day for us to see the beauty and benefits of having a team building program in a company. On March 26-27 present year, Lufthansa Technik shares their experience while conducting their team building program in the well-known Sepoc Beach Center located in one of the beaches in Batangas.

First Part: Preparation!!!

In the afternoon of March 25, the three facilitators named Nika, Zha Zha and Goeff arrived. Together with Mr. JM (Social Director of EPR) they went to Sepoc Beach Center for an ocular visit. The visit aims to know what activities they will prepare and where to put stations. Mr. JM took notes of the things they needed for team building. At night of the same day Mr. Raymond, another facilitator arrived then they continued checking the beach resort for possible venues on the 2nd-day activities.


 2nd Part:

7:30 in the morning, the facilitators went to Sepoc Beach Center to rustle up the games.

 Let the fun and adventure begin! 🙂

Lufthansa delegates arrived 10:30 AM at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort headed by Ms. Vivien Ballesteros.


 Before they went to Sepoc Beach Center, they nibbled their AM snack and when their tummies full, right away they went to Sepoc Beach Center and arrived at 11:30 AM.


 Game Board  🙂

Let’s get ready to rumble!!


The first activity was entitled hyperlink, an ice breaker game which made them connected with each other with common interest.



 The blind barnyard was the second game; the participants were blindfolded, the objective of the game was to find their teammates using animal sounds assigned to their group.

Time to eat, eat and eat to gain energy!  🙂


  Ta-da! The participants seized the lunch buffet  🙂

After the two activities, they had lunch at the Pavilion of the Sepoc Beach Center.

Back to the game!


 Traffic Jam Game — communication-combat challenge.



 The participants playing Volley Bombs under the sun.


The Making of the team flags and practicing the team cheers.


The Beach Soccer!


The obstacle course matches up with fill in the drums.


Yay! Kayak Race 🙂


The cutest turtle eggs 🙂  Bayanihan!



The Caterpillar Walk!

They really look like a caterpillar  🙂

After the ultimate race, each team performed their cheer.


 All the fun and engaging activities have been done so, they announced the list of winners for every game. But, it’s not just simple like you think it is, there’s a consequence for the losing team.


The losing team had gone wet! Oopss! There’s the upshot  🙂

Fun team building activities and games ended at 4:00 PM.

eagle_point_resort_cheap_beach_resort_in_batangas_04 Group Picture! Say cheese! 

The group decided to go back to the main beach resort for their PM Snack.


 Lufthansa Group enjoyed and savored their social dinner at South end pool of the beach resort.

A merrymaking day has ended.

The last but not the least part 🙂

The group ate their breakfast at the Balayan Ballroom of Eagle Point Batangas Beach and Dive Resort. They had another set of games and they did some Zumba led by Ms. Nika.


 Hey! The participants were really into dancing Zumba. The photos can tell 🙂

The whole pack transferred to the South end pool for the last game – The Global Ball.

Geoff, one of the facilitator told each group to jump into the pool. But, the members called the chairman – Mr. Palanca, Ms. Vivien the coordinator even the four facilitators.  Everybody turned wet 🙂


 Playtime using the Global Ball  🙂


 Everybody enjoyed swimming and they even danced another Zumba at the pool.

Lufthansa Technik Group had lunch at the Balayan ballroom then they checked out.

One of the nicest things to do is to witness a group activity like this. Every moment was full of fun, enjoyment, adventure and learnings.

Lufthansa Group really marked another successful escapade at Eagle Point Anilao Diving and Batangas Beach Resort. For that, we thank you and hope to see you next year 🙂

Time and again, it pays to invest in your workforce. Once you treat your employees as your asset they will be happy and more dedicated to doing their corresponding work. Let us share with you more about the benefits of having team building in your company or organization.

Team building programs are widely practiced around the globe. Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Dive resort are one of the most famous resorts in Anilao Batangas. We offer perfect team building venue and team building activities as part of the package for different groups. This Batangas beach resort offers unique activities that will test your employee’s ability and strategies to win against other teams. This will surely improve group’s camaraderie and teamwork.

Good quality at low cost and timely deliveries of product or services is the main goal of any business. This can only be achieved having a workforce that is working as a team that is why having team building activities is a vital program for  the whole organization.

Team building can include the daily interaction that employees engage in when working together to carry out the requirements of their jobs. It can also involve structured activities and exercises that employees can lead. Or, with the proper budget and goals, managers can contract out for facilitation with an external resource. It is also popular to conduct team building in a beach resort and Batangas beach resort is a famous choice of venue for team building.

This approach is customizing activities to be in line with the real need of the group to ensure more effectiveness.

It includes lots of activities such as cheer presentation per team, topic discussion, fun and exciting games, cooperative assignments and brainstorming. The objectives of the external facilitator in the event are to reach your goals. They have to guarantee that every activity being done by each group will bring cooperation and camaraderie that they can use during work.

If you want to have an effective team that produces the outcomes needed by your organization, you have to pay attention to both process and team building. In fact, 80% of the success of a team is due to team building and cohesive working relationships. 20% is the process – knowing what to do. It is a good practice to conduct team building annually and this can even be conducted during the annual company outing. A beach resort in Batangas is one of the best venues for outdoor activities for team building.


Eagle Point Beach Resort is one of the beaches in Batangas that will be delighted to be of service from engaging icebreaker, energizer to team building games and exercises. We will let your event a full team building day and your delegates are sure to be delighted.

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