Discover Scuba Diving in Eagle Point Resort

Discover Scuba Diving in Eagle Point Resort

Anilao Diving Beach Resorts in Batangas are proud to give you the highest quality of scuba diving experiences that takes you to the enormous variety of marine habitats in thrilling dive sites, this activity has made Eagle Point Anilao Batangas Beach and Diving Resort one of the most popular scuba diving destinations here in the Philippines.

Eagle Point Anilao Diving Resort offers a variety of scuba diving courses and it includes Introductory Dive for beginners. Present year, the 10th day of March Ms. Veronica Santiago and Ms. Sche Santiago was scheduled to perform introductory diving in Anilao Diving Resort, with our two very own Professional dive instructors Mr. Manny and Mr. Marlon.

The underwater adventure begins right now!


Good to go 🙂


The first part of the adventure in introductory diving was the safety and equipment briefings at the sundeck of the Anilao beach resort.

 Viewable in this picture that Mr. Manny discussed the use of scuba regulator.

But, before we proceed let me tell you why you should try introductory diving.

Introductory diving is intended for everyone who never tries scuba before; it also refers to Discover Scuba Diving because it is exactly that, this activity aims to discover, explore and share the wonder of an aquatic realm and the great way to learn basic scuba diving, before committing to advance scuba diving courses.

Introductory diving allows us to get close up with the colorful marine life, breathing underwater and the feeling of total weightlessness. It is one of the most amazing experiences in life!


It is important to know every single detail about scuba diving gears because once you understand what each piece of gear does and how it works together, it quickly makes sense!


After the demonstration of scuba diving gears and the do’s and don’t underwater. Mr. Manny conducted pre-dive safety check in each person involved in introductory diving.

After a few minutes, the consultations were done.


That was Ms. Veronica and Ms. Sche on the beach resorts salt water pool with baby sharks in depth of 9 ft.


 Diving in salt water reef pool became a successful activity. Now, for the much thrilling part, the group tried the shore dive in depth of 20 ft.

They mounted with the satisfaction of adventure, fun, and the incomparable experience looking and capturing distinct sea animal creatures.

Want to Dive in Style?


Things to remember in Scuba Diving

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is the leading Scuba Diving destination in Anilao. The resort is strategically located in the middle of 30 Anilao diving spots, and is, therefore, literally, the best of the best diving spots in the region. This beach resort in Batangas offers affordable diving courses packages suited for aspirant divers!

The biggest part of our planet is full of water which homes different marine plants and animals. And most of us were not given a chance to witness the beauty beyond such as incredible underwater vistas, spectacular coral formations, lush aquatic plants and exotic wildlife. Scuba divers are the one who has the courage to witness these life forms underwater. Resorts in Anilao Batangas Philippines has these breathtaking beauty underwater among Batangas beaches.

Consider Batangas beach resort as one of the best choices for scuba diving especially if you are one of the aspiring scuba divers who isn’t contented in seeing underwater creatures in the photos and TV.

Scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, is destined for people that are eager to go for a mile for an adventure. But make sure before spending too much money in enrolling in scuba classes, you must take an introductory dive first to see how you like it.

These courses provide you with all the equipment you need and acquaint you with the gear and the basics skills you’ll need. Then you go out for an ocean dive in a group with an instructor present. You can only go to a maximum depth of 10 meters, or 33 feet, but that is plenty deep to get a taste for what the sport is about and to create some unforgettable tropical memories.

First things first, before jumping into different world underwater make sure that all the necessary equipment such as wetsuit, fins, tanks and weights belt are set. You will be lead by the experienced dive instructor who will take you to the most beautiful marine creatures.

Don’t panic!! The best way to enjoy your underwater experience is to make yourself calm and relaxed. Panicking will cause you to breath more rapidly which may be emptied your oxygen supply quickly. But don’t worry you’ll have your instructor that will help you not to get drowned.

Don’t hold your breath. This will only cause you to use more oxygen. Breathe slowly and deeply using your diaphragm. Fill your lungs completely and exhale slowly. Pause for a moment, holding your breath with your chest muscles, before inhaling and exhaling. This allows more gas to be exchanged within your lungs and conserves oxygen. Move slowly and gently to reduce exertion and limit oxygen use. When you kick your fins, do so slowly and keep your kick within your slipstream to reduce drag. Minimize arm movement.

The most important thing is not to dive if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Strictly follow your dive instructors advice and directions and stay close to them. Avoid playing around save it for the pool. Put some skin protection like sun block and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated under the heat of the sun. Most of the dive resorts in Anilao Batangas offers affordable basic and advanced dive courses.


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