ACABAR MARKETING at Eagle Point Resort

ACABAR MARKETING at Eagle Point Resort

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas is one of best beach resort closest to Manila. We offer a value-for-money accommodation packages that will fit your budget, needs and will satisfy your groups’ expectations. Eagle Point Resort maintains its natural habitat for your total relaxation experience.

We would like to share the flooded satisfaction of ACABAR Marketing International Inc. while staying at Eagle Point Batangas Beach and Diving Resort last March 27-29, 2015.


ACABAR representatives arrived at Eagle Point Resort around 10:00 in the morning. They were courteously welcomed by serving refreshing drinks upon arrival on the lobby and after that they all proceed to their respective rooms to secure their baggage and start to prepare themselves to go to Sepoc Beach Center.


As we arrived Sepoc Beach Center, the delegates rest for a bit and started to group themselves into three groups.

Red, Yellow and Blue team.     

1. Group

Let the games begin!!! :) :) :)

Ready….. Set…. Go!!! :) :) :)   

FIRST GAME: Fill in the Drums

2. Fill in the drum

SECOND GAME: Obstacle Relay

3. Obstacle relay 1

4. Obstacle relay 2

THIRD GAME: The Longest Line

7. Long

LAST GAME: Sand Castle Making

6. Sand Castle

Everyone was really delighted from the happiness brought by each game. There are non-stop cheers, long and loud laughter and each team really give their best to win. These games challenged their leadership skills and team cooperation.

After the breath – taking activities under the heat of the sun, it is now time to pamper their stomach with extra ordinary dishes served for them.

5. Lunch

Yummy, Yummy food for their Tummy :) :) :)  

After filling their tummies with yummy foods, it’s time for them to spend their free time to experience the beauty of Sepoc Beach Center. They go swimming and take a lot of pictures.

At night, they had their buffet dinner by the bay at the south-end area of the resort. And then a social night held after dinner.

8. dinner

 8. dinner2

Their second day adventure at Eagle Point Resort spent by using the resort common facilities, ladies enjoy bathing on our Jacuzzi while men had fun on snorkeling and swimming on the pool area. They had their breakfast at the pool side.

10. jac

9. bf

What are you waiting for?  Come and have fun with us in Eagle Point Batangas Beach Resort, a resort in Batangas that will surely make your company team building a great deal of fun.

Try to create and organize a priceless memory on a budget with the help of Eagle Point Resort!

Reasons why we should visit Anilao, Batangas!!

How to get there

Anilao, Batangas is just a few hours away from Manila. To get there, you can either ride a bus from Cubao or from Pasay. Once you are at the Diversion Road, get off the bus and hail a jeepney going to Mabini-Anilao. Ask the driver to drop you off the tricycle terminal where you can hire trikes that will take you to the resort of your choice.

What to do

Scuba diving

Did you know that Anilao, Batangas is believed to be the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines? In fact, Biyaheros have been going to Anilao to learn scuba diving since the 1960s. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. When you’re in this place, seeing the rich marine life is a must.

One of the most important dive spots in Anilao is the Cathedral Rock, the place where Dr. Tim Sevilla first proved that it is possible to grow corals in barren waters. Cathedral Rock is also where you can find a cross blessed by none other than Pope John Paul II.

What truly makes Cathedral Rock a favorite scuba diving destination is the actual marine life in the area. The fish in this site are so friendly, you can take even selfies with them.

Other than Cathedral Rock, you can also go to the Koala and Binukbok dive spots, where you can see small but colorful fish, shrimps and crabs. If you’re lucky, you can see dolphins too!

Island hopping

Aside from diving resorts, Mabini, Batangas is also home to a number of islands perfect for people who want to spend their vacation outdoors. The best choice is Sumbrero, a small island covered in powdery white sand. With an entrance fee of P50, you can already go here for picnics. It is also close to diving spots.

Then there is Isla Markaban, more popularly known as Isla Puting Buhok. “Kasi ang pagkakilala nila sa akin dito laging sa buhok ko, kaya tinawag nilang Isla Puting Buhok,” explains the white-haired Tatay Oscar, who has been in the island for 12 years.

The entrance fee to Isla Puting Buhok costs P250 per person. You can either have picnics in the cottages or stay overnight by bringing your own food and pitching your own tents.

Fee starts at P2,500 (six hours inclusive of instructor and windsurfing board)

Summer is a great excuse to learn something new. For Drew’s Anilao trip, he studied how to windsurf for the first time. Windsurfing lessons for beginners last for six hours but you do not need to spend that long to learn the basics. Just make sure you know how to swim and remember all the things your instructor tells you.

Drew was able to successfully windsurf in less than an hour. “Dati kasi I was kind of intimidated with this sport but anyway, this one is worth a try. Look at me! Sinong mag-aakalang kanina lang ako tinuruan?”


Take a break from the water and go up a mountain. Mount Gulugod Baboy is just a 40 to 50 minute ride from Anilao, making it a popular hiking place for Biyaheros who are in the area. Once you are at the peak, you will have a bird’s-eye view of Mabini, Batangas.

“Natutuwa ako kapag malapit na malapit ‘yung dagat tapos puwede tayong umakyat ng bundok [na] ganito kataas,” Drew says. “Akalain mo meron palang ganyan sa Anilao.”

“Be-a-hero,” be a Scubasurero

The people of Mabini, Batangas came up with ways to make sure that their tourist attractions would be well-maintained.

Enter the Scubasureros, divers who volunteer to make the ocean a cleaner and better place. Tourists are also invited to bring their own plastic bags when they dive so that they themselves could pick the trash they see underwater.

Not a diver? You can still help! The simple act of disposing your trash properly already means a lot.



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