De La Salle University – Dasmarinas Students Lift Up Their Energies

De La Salle University – Dasmarinas Students Lift Up Their Energies

Having trouble in searching perfect venue for school field trip? We have the best offer for you. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is a popular beach destination in Batangas for group outing, corporate events, family getaway, water sports enthusiasts and even students outdoor trip.

A combination of second year and third year students in Bachelor of Science in Human Biology of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas choose Eagle Point Resort in Anilao Batangas as their venue for their fieldtrip this year. The first batch of this group is consist of 131 students, 5 faculty members and 5 coordinators from travel agency arrived on November 21, 2016.


Upon Arrival at 7:00 in the evening, November 21, biology students, faculty members and coordinators head straight to Eagle Point Resort Main Pool Pavilion for their welcome drinks and dinner. Buffet dinner is served in combination of beef, vegetables, pancit, chicken and a sweet dessert. No wonder that they are all hungry, they all be seated and started to grab their food.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_02 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_03

After having dinner, they fall in line for room assignments and distribution of room keys. Each room will fit in four to five person each.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_04 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_05

The students checked their respective room assignments and carry their baggage with them. They we’re advised to go back to the main pool for the announcement of their evening activity.

Earlier before they arrived at Eagle Point Resort, they are already divided into groups for their course activities. For the first night, they were going to search for plants, animals or anything that has life around Eagle Point Resort and in the water in front of the main resort. It is also a chance for them to roam around the resort and see what Eagle Point Resort has to offer to its guest. They had gathered lizards, small fishes, different kinds of plants and many more. They are given 1 hour in searching for different species. After that some sing in the Videoke, some enjoys swimming in the main pool and some decided to take a rest and go to bed.

The next day, students and others woke up as early as 6:00 in the morning for breakfast at Poolside Pavilion. It takes two hours to finished all their breakfast and get ready to go to Sepoc Beach Center.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_06 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_07 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_08

Arrival at Sepoc Beach Center

                We used two big boats to be able to bring all of them to the one of the most famous island in Batangas, Sepoc Beach Center, part of Maricaban Island in Tingloy. With a long and pristine white sand bar that is alongside with clear sea water.

They were all amazed with the natural beauty of the place and the “WELCOME DLSU – DASMA” sign made out of stones created by the Sepoc people too.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_09 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_10 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_11 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_12

Upon arrival everyone gathered first at the covered pavilion and Doc. Rubio one of the faculty members announced their itinerary for the day. The students was asked to start searching for their marine samples and mangrove samples, these are again animals, plants, corals or anything that has life that will be used for their laboratory when they come back to their university. They are going to examine and experiment each and every piece of species they have. They were given materials and instruments to be used during their search.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_13 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_14 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_15 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_16 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_17 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_18

Dennis, Eagle Point Resorts on call team building facilitator begun to introduce himself  and the team to the students and explain the first activity.



Cheering preparation and presentation

Students were divided into six groups which consist of 20 students per group. They started to composed each chants per group, their creativity will hasten and students started to become jolly. They were given 15 – minutes for preparation.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_20 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_21 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_22 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_23

First game, SACK GAME

                Each group will have 10 representatives for this game. Each player will put in the sack and will jump going to the plastic chair, go around, go back to the team, remove the sack and tap the next player. The first group to finish will win.


5th group won!!!



                Buffet lunch was served and ready for Biology student, faculty members and coordinators of De La Salle University – Dasma. They fall in line and started grabbing their meal. The food was consist of the famous Batangas Chiken Adobo with gata, mixed vegetables, pork barbeque, steamed rice, mango salad for dessert and a refreshing iced tea.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_25 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_26

After having lunch they were given free time to swim, go kayak and continue in searching for species. They have spent two hours for it and then proceed to the next game at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Second game, Tag-O-War

                This game requires a lot of stamina, focused and teamwork. Tag-O-War is pulling of rope from the side to other side. Each team also has 10 representatives for this game; the indicator is when the red flag enters the side of the opponent. They have to pull the rope as strong as they can.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_27 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_28

1st group won!!

Rest for a bit and resume to the next game.

Last game, The Longest Line

                This game requires all the team members and their cooperation. They are going to create a long line with the use of whatever is currently on their bodies and their bodies as well. The kids started to take off their shirts, shorts, accessories and everything to create the longest line. When they are run out of things to take off they started to lay on the sand.

eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_29 eagle_point_resort_fieldtrip_dlsu_dasma_30

6th group won!!

                After the fun and exciting games at the famous beach destination in Batangas, the group packed their things and go travel back to the main resort.

At the resort, they have their PM snack and take a rest on their rooms. The dinner was set at Balayan Ballroom and the participants started eating at 7:00 in the evening and spent the night in Videoke and swimming.

In the morning of November 23, 2016, they have their breakfast at the poolside. The winner for yesterday’s fun and exciting games will be given free 15-minutes ride on our banana boat and I’m sure they’re love it!


After the thrilling ride in the banana boat they get ready to go back to Dasmarinas. See you again future doctors!!



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