Things to do in a Batangas Weekend Getaway!

Things to do in a Batangas Weekend Getaway!

Working in the city can be exhausting especially if paired with a loud fast-paced environment. Everyone needs a break once in a while to refresh his mind and look for the passion he has been craving for. The land of the valiant, Batangas, which is an more or less an hour away from Manila, is definitely that place you can spend your ample but precious time to find yourself yet again.

  1. Hiking


For those people who indulge being one with nature, Hiking in Taal, Batangas is definitely a must try! After a 30 minute boat ride to cross Taal Lake, you can start your exciting journey to reach the peak of the volcano. Its mesmerizing shape and location on an island within a lake within an island makes it a rare geologic wonder, captivating thousands of tourists in a year which is something you should not miss!


  1. Horseback riding


Another fun activity where you can experience the great outdoors without putting as much effort as hiking is to go horseback riding. If you’re keen with animals, particularly horses, saddle up and create moments as you relaxingly trail the mighty Taal Volcano. If you’re a horseback riding newbie, don’t hesitate to ask some help from your guide.

  1. City Touring

Touring is all about immersing oneself to the history and culture of the destination. In Batangas, you can do this by visiting well-known tourist sites such as the Ancestral Heritage town. Much like Vigan’s preserved Calle Crisologo, Batangas has been protecting its own heritage site to give its people and visitors a delightful time-travel experience. Make sure to use up all the storage of your cameras and phones to capture breathtaking pictures.


  1. Church-hopping


Devotee or not, you can go church-hopping to appreciate eccentric Church Architectures which can only be found in Batangas.


Sometimes all we need is a serene environment which we can leisurely take a stroll at to have a peace of mind. Don’t forget to drop by Basilica of St. Martin which is recognized as the biggest church in Asia.

  1. Farming experience


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly activity then Batangas’ bee farm in Lipa would be perfect for you. They offer a crash course on beekeeping and tasting food from the hive itself. It includes a walk through at their farm where the owner himself is very generous with sharing his know-hows and advocacies when it comes to bee farming and botany. They have limited slots for visitors in a day so it’s better to plan ahead instead of vouching for an impulsive trip.

  1. Water sports in Anilao


When talking about Batangas, how could one not think about water activities that can be done alongside the beautiful pristine water? If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can easily annihilate the stress and frustration of the city life by snorkeling or diving.



Find yourself lost at Anilao where diving is famous for. Explore the diverse marine life from fishes to corals as you take a moment and breathe. Organizing everything would be no sweat as Eagle Point Resort offers a variety of watersports activities at an affordable price.

Finally convinced? Then take advantage of this December’s hot weather and pay us a visit here at Eagle Point beach resort. We have the sand, the sea, the sky, and a whole lot more for you! Check availability and book your weekend getaway soon!


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