What to do in Anilao besides Scuba diving?

Recognized worldwide as one of the best scuba diving destinations, most local and foreign divers drop by Anilao to get a glimpse of the diverse surreal marine life not available elsewhere. But if you want to experience other fun activities besides scuba diving, here are five other activities you can enjoy in Anilao.

  1.       Windsurfingeagle_point_resort_anilao_batangas_08

If you’re into aqua sports that require a solid lower body foundation, then windsurfing is perfect for you. For a neophyte, it would take some time to get everything aligned and good to go but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be coming back for more. Anilao does not fall short of great beaches with ideal wind strength and wave action that makes up the perfect setting for a fun-filled windsurfing day.

  1.       Kayaking


An easier aqua sport compared to windsurfing, Kayaking is widely available in Anilao. You can either do this alone or in pairs that would score you some alone time.


Paddle across the tranquil waters and find yourself immersed into a solitary area where you can chill and surround yourself with nothing but happy thoughts.

  1.       Glass bottom boat cruising

A bit more to the high-end side of Anilao, this activity gives you the same feels as snorkeling without needing to plunge into the waters. You’ll admire the interesting marine life at your feet as you’ll be riding fiber glass speed boats that would keep your schedule on track. Despite being costly compared to ordinary outrigger boats, glass bottom boat cruising’s unusual aesthetic experience makes up for it.

  1.       Mermaid swimming

Ever felt like you’re the reincarnation of Ariel? Here’s your ticket to reaching that dream! Sign up for mermaid swimming lessons to unleash your inner little mermaid skills. You can even get the chance to see corals up close or live up to the name of becoming the underwater princess by removing trash and plastics found deep in the sea. Don’t miss out on expressing your artistic side while having a fun whimsical way to keep fit.

  1.       Island hopping


How could you miss out the turquoise blue waters and white fine sand of Anilao? Exploring unspoiled islands surrounded by serene waters is the ultimate getaway from the noisy bustling cities. Sepoc Beach Center, a part of Maricaban island is a narrow peninsula which highlights the beautiful stretch of fine sand and displays the vast waters of the sea. If you’re fortunate, you might even see cute newly-hatched sea turtle at one side of the island that Eagle Point Resort preserve and take care of.

Pack your bags and enjoy all these exciting activities in Anilao! Save yourself the trouble of planning everything and contact us at Eagle Point Resort. We’ll make sure your vacation is spot-on!


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