Five Telltale Signs that you Need a Weekend Getaway!

A demanding life is certainly not a life that we wanted. We often find ourselves stuck with meeting deadlines and keeping up with schedules that we eventually forget how to take pleasure in living. When life can be too stressful and challenging, looking up places we could travel to next can be our temporary source of relief. We tell ourselves we’ll be taking a day or week off soon. But how soon really is soon? Here are five signs you need to stop delaying your well-deserved vacation.


  1. Lost inspiration

There are days where your creative juices are a bit slow-paced but once you’ve felt a drought, it’s a clear sign that you need to take time off of work. The monotonous life is clearly not for you so planning an adventurous trip that includes fun activities might be the rain that will end your drought.

  1. You feel like a robot

If waking up for you means you need to follow your dreadful routine, you need to file that vacation leave asap! That sign can run you down and eventually lead to worse scenarios. Meeting new people in a fresh environment where you can create memorable experiences will make you recall reasons why life is truly beautiful.

  1. Your body is giving up

Your recent days are full of horrible migraines and body pains? In most cases, any physical distress are clear symptoms that your body is craving for that much-needed break. It is a physical manifestation that you ought not to ignore. If pain is interfering your daily grind, consider dropping by the beach for a peaceful sunset watch to calm your aching wanderlust soul.

  1. Trouble with sleeping

Having troubles trying to get some sleep because of too much things to think about can have a domino effect on you and your work. Scientific research has concluded that hormones released during stressful situations which are directly proportional to sleep patterns. Fret not, a quick weekend escapade a few hours away from the metro will sort out your insomnia.

  1. You’ve forgotten how to live

You could only reminisce on how fun and upbeat your youth was. Your weekends used to be jam packed with meeting friends and traveling. Those were the days when the only problems you had were how to solve a hangover while now you juggle work and keeping up with relationships. It’s time to stop looking back and add more experiences that you thought you could no longer do. Go for that scuba diving stint you’ve always dreamed of trying out!


Don’t let life get in the way of your joy in living! Here at Eagle Point Resort, we’ll make sure you’ll make the most out of your well-deserved weekend getaway.



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