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Buying scuba diving gear can be the final step for a beginner to really go at it and try scuba diving. Devoting their time, money and effort can go a long way in achieving their diving dreams. They believe that the gear that they buy will deem its worth as they use it along the way. Like most beginners, you have the same ideology. But a beginner is still a beginner, what do you really need before going all out in spending for your first scuba diving gear?


  1. Exposure Protection Suits

Body fit exposure protection suits are usually made of foam neoprene rubber or spandex-like materials and if lucky, its interior is covered with fleece lining for extra warmth under the sea. It is extremely a necessity because it protects your body from the cooling effect of water. It insulates your body against the possibility of draining your body heat which is 25 times faster in water than air. You don’t necessarily need to allot a huge amount of money to get the best wetsuit. All you need to do is research and try which fits your style and offers you the best comfort. Avoid loose suits as it would defeat its main purpose to prevent heat loss. This deserves the top of the list also because of personal hygiene which is pretty self-explanatory. Besides, you don’t really want to see yourself renting a wetsuit that has been used by another, right? Just imagining it is dreadful enough!


  1. Mask

A mask is a vital piece of equipment when diving. Often constructed from Silicon and tempered glass, it can withstand being under water for long. The mask creates an air space to enable your eyes in focusing underwater. While the nose pocket aids you in equalizing the air pressure inside your mask as you go deeper and deeper. To get the best mask suited for you, make sure it is watertight fit. As everyone has different face shapes and sizes, it’s important to ensure that the mask fits properly to avoid discomfort and leaks. Once you’ve found the right mask for you, don’t forget to clean it out with toothpaste or defog it before testing it out in the waters.


  1. Snorkel

Another must-have, A snorkel is a curved tube that enables you to breathe while floating faced down on the surface. You must be wondering why a snorkel is still important despite having a tank of oxygen accessible for your inconvenience. Snorkels would be beneficial in saving air while floating on the level surface. It would be best for you to consume the air tank while under water to lengthen your time under the sea and explore the vast but majestic sea. In buying your first snorkel, as always, look for comfort. Most snorkels nowadays are getting bulkier so opt for something that would let you breathe easily and offers dry comfort. In addition to why you should avoid bulkier snorkels is that it drags under water so it might provide some discomfort as you go on deeper. Take note that snorkels are attached to masks to when buying snorkels, bring your masks to test it out and gain a durable yet simple snorkel and mask gear.

If you’re already under the budget after buying the wet suit, don’t worry! Eagle Point Resort offers scuba diving equipment for rent so you wouldn’t need to exhaust your savings that much. Contact us and we’ll make sure to provide you nothing but excellent service.


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