Reasons on Spending you Valentines Day in Eagle Point Resort

Reasons on Spending you Valentines Day in Eagle Point Resort

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure especially for couples looking to make it special and memorable. Unfortunately, for this year, February 14 falls on a Tuesday which obviously poses a problem for those who want to spend the Heart’s Day on an out-of-town trip.

Worry not, Batangas is here to save the day! The sand may not be as fine and white as it is in the crowd favorite Boracay but the beaches here are more than enough to make you and your partner fall in love not just with each other but with the place as well.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider Batangas as the backdrop for your Valentine’s Day date this year:

  1. Batangas is just a few hours away.

Whether it’s an overnight or day trip, going for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day adventure to Batangas won’t be too much of a hassle since this city is just a mere 2 to 3 hours away from Manila. The proximity of Batangas has actually made it the go-to destination for everyone in search for a quick break from the city chaos filled with constellations of cars stuck in rush hour traffic jams and tall buildings disrupting what could’ve been a great view of the night sky.


  1. It doesn’t cost much to travel there.

One bus ride to Batangas won’t break your bank and that’s great since Valentine’s Day comes right before payday. Booking a room on a resort like here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas won’t also cost as much as it normally would in other beach destinations near Manila. Isn’t that great? You can explore the beauty of Batangas and even take home a few pasalubongs home for only a few pesos.



  1. You can go on many adventures together.

Batangas is not just known for its beaches that’s close to the city but also for being home to some of the country’s best dive spots. If you and your partner want to have a Valentine’s Day you’d remember forever, why not brave through a first experience together by trying out scuba diving? Witness the wonderful marine biodiversity this city has to offer. Here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas, we can take you right where the fishes are!


  1. It can be as Instagram-worthy as it could possibly be.

Millennials are all about #Goals- whether it’s #CoupleGoals, #TravelGoals, or #FeedGoals; and here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas we know exactly how to cater to that. From the beach to the accommodations, we can promise you that everything here is Instagrammable. It’s the best place to take pictures and not to mention- fall in love!

  1. The resort is not crowded.

The problem with very popular beach resorts like Boracay is that it has become highly commercialized and too crowded. A place like that could be perfect for barkada trips or family outings but if you want an intimate adventure with your special someone then Batangas is the place to be. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort isn’t filled with tourists so you can really bask in the blissful beauty of Batangas as if you’re the only two people in the world.

So there you go! Five great and practical reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Batangas. Happy Valentine’s Day from us here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort, may you have a great romantic day with your special someone this coming February 14.


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