Snorkeling 101

Summer is fast approaching once again and it’s always the best idea to prepare the best summer vacation beforehand. Opting for a more active getaway this year, snorkeling definitely has got to be your list.

Snorkeling will make you discover one of the most majestic realms of nature and if lucky, you’ll discover more about yourself in the process. Being a first-time snorkeler, what are the things you ought to know first before exploring the vast blue sea?


  1.       Practice

While you do not need to be an Olympic swimmer before trying out snorkeling, you need to know basic skills in swimming to ensure your safety in case of emergencies. It’s a common mistake to just jump in and snorkel without prior practice on the pool or the sea itself. Most first-timers complain of exhaustion after a few minutes of snorkeling so, if you have the time, go to your local swimming pool and do a few freestyle laps as you prepare your body. Familiarizing your body for this stimulating activity would offer you more time in exploring the deep blue sea. Pro Tip: Swimming alone is bit different from swimming with fins, the latter uses less energy while kicking so try to practice with fins prior to your trip.

  1.       Find your breathing pattern

First and foremost, it is a general rule in any scuba diving spot or snorkeling area to not panic. There is a natural, almost instinctive physical reaction to being underwater and breathing at the same time. Give yourself time in adjusting to the waters and it will eventually come to you. One tip is to act like you’re sleeping, except that you are not. Breathing slowly and deeply as if you’re asleep might trick your body into relaxing and getting acquainted with the waters. It will be the most disorienting thing once you start practicing but try to search for your own rhythmic breathing pattern that will let you see more of the immense marine life.


  1.       Know your boundaries

Knowing your limits is the best advice for any activity and undoubtedly, snorkeling is not an exception. Going beyond your physical boundaries can turn an otherwise once in a lifetime experience into an uncomfortable and equally perilous situation. Researching more about vital information such as water temperature, surge, currents, and visibility will equip you of incomparable preparations you could use when certain situation arises.

Lastly, while it is all fun and enjoyable, you must remember that you are only a visitor in their homes. “Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but memories” is quite an old saying but certainly noteworthy. It’s important to respect their niche and just observe of the aquatic wild life that you’re yet to discover.


While Snorkeling can truly be a fun activity, without proper preparation and equipment, a first time snorkeling experience can be both miserable and difficult. Contact us at Eagle Point Resort to ensure your first snorkeling experience won’t be your last as we offer you fun yet affordable packages to make your unforgettable summer experience.


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