A Day with Ebullient Employees of Prople BPO Inc.

A Day with Ebullient Employees of Prople BPO Inc.

Summer is fast approaching once again and this particular time of the year team building activities are planned to rekindle the spirit of collaboration and teamwork within colleagues of every corporation. Beach resorts in Batangas are a popular venue for company outings and team buildings. To help you not go crazy trying to think of where to hold your company outing for the year 2017, here is a sample of affordable yet unforgettable corporate summer getaway.


On March 3, 2017, Prople BPO Inc., employees which consist of 250 participants arrived at the resort batch by batch from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. They will spend the day at Eagle Point Resort and will have their team building at Sepoc Beach Center.


First things first, before going to Sepoc Beach Center, everyone was gathered for a short time at Balayan Ballroom for proper introduction and discussing of their itinerary for the day. The executives also take this opportunity to briefly explain to the employees some matters of the business.


When everyone seems to be ready and Eagle Point Employees which will go with the group were also ready they started to be on board heading to Sepoc.

Upon arrival at the island, the group were asked to be gathered at the covered pavilion for the explanation of game mechanics. To awaken their energies we started with their cheering. They were divided into eleven teams with 21 members each named as: Pink team, Gray team, Green team, Ube team, Blue team, Yellow team, Suteal team, white team and etc.


First game Flag Hunt after this game, Gray team knocked the other groups down with 490 points, followed by Green team with 420 points and lastly the Pink with 220 points.





The next exciting game was Sand Castle making, to identify the winning group in this activity we ask our Food and Beverage Officer, Mr. Joemar and EPR Nurse Ms. Cherrie to judged their sand castles. In this game, Ube beats the other groups with an outstanding score of 97%,  followed by Gray with a score of 95%, lastly by raging Blue with 93%.

Final game that will determine the best among the groups was Kayak Race. Orange is rampaging with a time of 3 minutes and 21 seconds, followed by Yellow with perfect 4 minutes and lastly by SuTeal with 4 minutes and 30 seconds. And that ends the EPR in-house games.

Buffet lunch was serve, all team members enjoyed the food so much that they keep on coming back to taste every last piece of it. After the raging lunch, we told them that they can have their free time to go swimming and roaming around the island. Some of them take this opportunity to take their best instagrammable photos.

Convinced? Let’s start planning your 2017 company outing now! Our facilities here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort are great for your team building activities. Book now!


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