Diving in Devil’s Point and Mainit Point

For some, strolling along the shorelines just won’t cut it. We can’t help but get enticed to scuba diving’s stimulating nature.

The thrill of going where most people won’t even dare try, of breathing underwater longer than we naturally could, and of testing the extents of our limits excite us. We are in constant need for the adventure of a lifetime and definitely, scuba diving just paints the picture.

The weather’s starting to get warmer and so is your undying spirit. As summer is quickly approaching, you’re in dire need again for another adrenaline rush. A few hours from Metro Manila, Anilao offers world class diving sites that boasts of a lush marine life.  Pack your backs along with your devil-may-care attitude as you rapidly rush your way to two notable diving sites of Anilao, Batangas.

Devil’s Point

Located in the southwest point of Maricaban Island, Devil’s point (also known as Burijar Point on the charts) is one of the most commonly visited diving sites in Anilao. Contrary to its wicked monicker, it is usually calm unlike other diving points in Anilao. Ranging from 20 feet to 90 feet in depth and sloped to more than 30 meters, you can easily access Devil’s point in around 30 minutes through an outrigger boat. Devil’s point is best for soft coral sightings where gorgonian bush corals and tree soft corals are abundant. Entry to this spot is quite easy as it is normally on the shallow points inside the cove shape of the shore line. Visibility in Devil’s point can be up to 80 meters if the weather permits. If you decide to go deeper, you’ll be fortunate to get a glimpse of blue fin jack fish and dog tooth tunas. Make sure to bring your underwater camera to secure a photo memorabilia of Devil’s point amazing biodiversity.


Mainit Point

If you’re looking for a more exhilarating quest, then Mainit Point is certainly recommended! Adjacent to Maricaban strait, Mainit point has very strong currents which is the very essence why more experienced divers want to drop by. It is a 30-minute boat ride to the southernmost point of Calumpang Peninsula, known also as Cazador Point. The dive spot has a shallow sandy bottom mixed with soft and hard corals. The marine life is overflowing and diverse especially when the currents are running. There are a lot of great corals and some of the schools of fish you’ll encounter are Moorish idols, porcupine puffer fish, snappers, powder blue surgeonfish, jacks, scorpion fish, wrasse and fusiliers. If you want to see more minute fishes hiding beneath the reef, you’ll be privileged enough to see some like angelfishes and butterflyfishes. There have been instances that some divers have seen lion fishes in Mainit Point too! The average depth in Mainit Point is 50 feet and the deepest it can get is around 100 feet. Rocks commonly break the surface and boulders form miniature drop-offs from 5 to 30 meters. The boulders are decorated with soft corals and anemones together with many crinoids, flamboyant Linckia sea stars and other nudibranchs. It is suggested to shelter behind rocks to be able to take breathtaking underwater pictures. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a Whitetip Reef Shark or a Mola mola like other blessed divers have.

Sounds like an exciting journey? Message us at Eagle Point Resort for the premium quality diving experience at an affordable cost and enjoy the closest paradise to Manila in the flesh. It will undoubtedly bring back the adrenaline junkie in you!


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