Metrobank Head Office had Another Happy Summer Story

Every summer has a story to tell. Everyone is waiting for this season of the year where families, friends, colleagues and even corporate representatives are busy in searching for a perfect destination to spend their summer outing. Batangas can never be erased on their list of choices aside from its pristine water and virgin islands it is also the nearest destination from the city. Eagle Point Resort is one on the top lists, this beach resort in Batangas offers variety of choices for corporate events such as annual company outing, team building, seminars and brainstorming.

Here’s one!

Last March 11, 2017, Metrobank Head Office team arrived at the resort by 11:30 AM, they have settled their balances for their overnight accommodation for 25 person with team building and trip to Sepoc Beach Center.


Upon arrival they brought and leave their luggage on their respective rooms as front desk officer released their keys and prepared to go to Sepoc Beach Center. The group left the main resort going to Sepoc Beach Center at 12 in the afternoon.

At the Sepoc,

Since everyone seems tired and hungry due to long travel from Quezon City to Anilao, Batangas, first things first, lunch time, let us fill their tummies!! Since its already late and we don’t want the group to missed out what Sepoc Beach Center has to offer we let them spent time at the beach and explore the island. We decided to move the team building activities for their group at the main resort specifically at the southend pool which made them more exciting.


After roaming around the Sepoc Beach Center, the group traveled back to the main resort around 4 in the afternoon. And before we start to the team building activities, Rey, their game facilitator explained the games and its mechanics. The group were divided into three corresponding groups with six to seven members each.



This game requires each member to be attentive and every member must participate to be able to create the longest line. Each team should make a line using only the stuffs they are wearing and the team which has the longest line wins.


Group one dominates fairly followed by group two.


This game requires each member to stay focus and stable. Each team were given teaspoons and tablespoons, first member of a team will carry the calamansi with a tablespoon in their mouth. Starting from a certain position, the first member races to a designated spot and then back to his teammates where she/he relays the calamansi thru the tablespoon to teaspoon of the second member and so on until all members were done. The first team to finish wins.


Group one takes the first place for the second time followed by Group three.

Third and last game! FILL IN THE PAIL

This game requires members mobility and be quick since this is a water relay. The first player from each team soaks themselves in the swimming pool. They must then take their wet clothes off and squeeze the water into the pail and tap the next team member in line and repeats the process. Everyone in the team has a turn and the first team finished wins.



Group two take a step forward and win followed by group one.

With the summer just a few weeks away, why not start planning your beach in Batangas company outing this 2017 and have it here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort! We’re not only filled with fun activities you could do together but Batangas’ proximity to the city also means your squad’s attendance has a higher probability of being complete; not to mention, it won’t burn a hole in your pockets! Book now at Eagle Point Resort.


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