Team Building Activities to do at Eagle Point Resort

Team Building Activities to do at Eagle Point Resort

Effective team building means more engaged employees in which leads to a more active environment at work. Boosting your employees’ spirits can go a long way in imprinting the company’s culture in their lives and creating better social interactions among them.


Organizing a team building can be tricky, especially when some activities induce more eye rolling than high fives. This Batangas beach resort knows exactly what you need and here are some of the team building activities you can do at Eagle Point Resort.


Light and fun activities at the game hall

You can start your fun-filled adventure with playing something light to heat up their competitive souls. Let your employees unwind with some billiard games or table tennis matches for those who are avid enthusiasts of the sports. Pools are conveniently near the game hall which will make it easier for your staff to just jump and dive in after an interesting time at the game hall.



After assigning your team to their destined accommodations, kick off the official event through a pre-game such as a kayak race. Kayaking offers a perfect blend of teamwork, mild exercise and all at the same time, experiencing the great outdoors. The Kayak race can also serve as a metaphor for certain work processes at work through Kayaks being the tools and the ocean as the working environment. This will not only be a perfect ice breaker before the team building program commences but also a good time for them to get a closer look at the pristine beach.  


Competitive games at the function room

Eagle Point Resort has 4 function rooms you can choose from, depending on how many you are on your team. You could easily work on building trust and strengthening communication among your staff as you play your well-planned games at the function room of your choice. Lessen the tension as you play the games without worrying the scorching heat of the sun. Acquiring a function room also includes overnight accommodation, complimentary use of the meeting room, full board meals, use of overhead projector, whiteboard markers, flip charts, pads and pencils, and other stuff that you could request prior to your reservation.


Explore what makes Anilao world-class

Water activities are always fun regardless of who you are with. Eagle Point Resort offers indescribable experiences to commemorate the best team building ever. Lessons for Diving and Snorkeling are available for your team to try and create invaluable moments for your team as you let them explore the diverse marine life of the deep blue sea. For those who aren’t keen on having a close interaction with underwater delights, they could always opt for an island hopping that would be the perfect subject of a snapshot.


Team buildings exist to improve communication, decision making skills, adaptability, logistics, and most importantly, relationships through intense interaction with everyone. Eagle Point Resort makes sure that you meet those goals at ease and provides that unforgettable team building experience that last for a lifetime. Message us at Eagle Point Resort to secure the best team building experience for you and your greatest assets.


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