Cheerful Touie Cad Design Corporation at Eagle Point Resort

Cheerful Touie Cad Design Corporation at Eagle Point Resort

Having other activities than sitting on the office and doing the same thing every day is essential in every company. It is our way to forget the never ending workloads that stresses us in our daily lives. We sometimes forgotten how it feels to relax and play like a child. I guess that is the reason why we have the so called team building nowadays which became popular especially during summer.

Beaches in Batangas is one of the nearest destination in Manila which also has a lot of beach resorts that offers team building venues and other corporate events packages. Eagle Point Resort is one of the most famous resorts in Anilao for corporate events with affordable packages that comes with memorable experience.


In one perfect day of March 17, 2017, Touie Cad Design Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of TOUEI HOUSING Corporation and the first overseas base of operations for the TOUEI HOUSING Group arrived at the resort at 10:15 in the morning.


They arrive earlier than expected time of their arrival so they got the chance to check in on their respective rooms first before going to Sepoc Beach Center for their team building. A total of 34 participants which divided into three groups, Red Team, Yellow Team and Blue Team respectively.



Right after their checked in and had a quick change as preparation for their Sepoc adventure. By 11:00 AM, we rode at the boat and left the the main resort going to Sepoc Beach Center


We arrived on Sepoc by 11:30 AM. We advised them to rest and get ready for the lunch, however the lunch will be ready for them in 30 minutess, so the Japanese team conduct a short game it is to get to know each other by stating facts about a certain person and other will guess who is that person is.


Lunch is ready!! They played volleyball after eating lunch and some take some photos while at Sepoc.

Let’s the game and fun begins. We kick off the fun with “Sand Castle making”, at first the Blue team is just roaming around looking at others work, while the rest (Red and Yellow) has already started designing and creating their best Sand Castle. The game ends in King’s hand (Yellow) with 91.50%, Queen (Red) with 91% and Prince (Blue team) with 90% though, Blue team has the most beautiful design, but Yellow team has the most creative design.


We gave them 5 mins water break, and then we’ll proceed with the challenging game. Second game was “Obstacle relay W/ Sack race”, since the Red team is lacking one team member I decided to add EJ on their team as substitute team player. On the game Yellow team still on the lead, savagely followed by the Blue team and lastly by the Red team with 1 team player left.


Third fantastic game was “Filling the Drums”, like what happened with the last game, I add another substitute player for Red team and that was Ms. Niña. 2 mins of brain storming to create the most efficient strategy for this game, Blue team was rampaging in throwing and pouring the water from the pail, and that what it takes for them to be on the top of this game, flowingly followed by the Red team and next by the Yellow team.


Final chapter for this activity was “Tag-O-War”, to test their strength, teamwork and cheer. First match was Yellow VS Blue, pulling and pulling Blue wins the match. Next match was between Yellow VS Red and Red overpowered the Yellow team. Final match was between Blue VS Red, that determine the best team and that was Red who lead the final game.


After those fun activities that we had for that day, I officially announced its “Basaan Time” for them to have fun under the sun.

For this TUOEI activity in Sepoc, we’ve got a triple tie, and I surprisingly announced that everyone was the winner because of their dedication, outstanding sportsmanship and friendly competitiveness toward each member while having fun in doing their daring task. After the announcement I advised them that they can now roam around and to trekking for a perfect view of Sepoc beach centre.

By 4:00 PM we returned to the main resort and it feels like, it was a tiring yet relaxing and fun day for us.

After dinner they have their videoke and bar session.


The next day they played a native Japanese game “Suika Wari” (Watermelon beating) a summer traditional game, hosted by their Japanese leaders.

Everyone had a great time and will surely had a memorable experience at Eagle Point Resort. We hope to see them again on future not just because of the beautiful beach in Batangas but remarkable services that this Batangas beach resort had offered.


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