Another Fun-filled experience with Metrobank Trust Banking Group employees

With summer just around the corner, company representatives will have their hands full coming up with summer-themed team buildings. It’s the time of the year again when employees start marking their calendars and begin planning their next summer vacation and a better way for employers to give back to the people who helped grow the business is by throwing in summer-centric corporate events.

Many companies and organizations go on trips or outing especially during summer to build a solid team, to take a break from work and to promote camaraderie among its employees through different team building activities.

If you’re planning on doing the same, check out our latest beach in Batangas summer team building event that is unique and interesting yet easy on the budget.


Metrobank Trust Banking Group participants arrive completely at the resort around 11:30 in the morning. A total of 44 participants with a kid.


Upon arrival we head directly to Sepoc Beach Center.


Since it was already noontime, we had our lunch upon arrival at the Sepoc. It took half an hour to make the food ready so while waiting they started roaming around the island.

Some of them played beach volleyball while some were having fun taking their photos.


Lunch is ready and everybody feeling hungry due to long travel from Manila to Batangas. They smile brilliantly as they see what Eagle Point Resort had prepared for their lunch.


Their lunch is a combination of grilled pork and fish, salted egg with tomato and onion as side dish, tasty pancit, steamed rice and a refreshing iced tea perfect for this super hot summer afternoon.


After filling their tummies it is now time to empty it, it is now time to have some exercise.

EPR Team Building Activities!


After minutes of resting since they just ate a lot, it is now time to exercise their bones and muscles.



First game! Obstacle Relay – An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate usually while being timed. Obstacle courses can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, and balancing elements with the aim of testing speed and endurance


A line formed by group before we start the game. An EPR representative demonstrate how to do the obstacle relay. First thing is to jump on the colored wheels, crawl under the table and the twist is to mix the sack race, jumping around the chair going back to the teammates and tap the next player. Easy right?


Look how happy they are watching their co-workers doing the obstacle relay! A very supportive group.


Winner is RED TEAM!

Second Game! Flag hunt – There are flags scattered in the famous Batangas Beach Resort, Sepoc Beach Center. Each flag has a corresponding point. Members of each team will look for the flags. The team for this Team Building activity with the most number of flags and points win the game.


Each flags in different colors has a corresponding point value.


Red flag – 50 pts

Orange flag – 40 pts

Yellow flag – 30 pts

Green flag – 20 pts

White flag – 10 pts



Winner is Blue team with a total of 490 points while Red team only got 350 points.

We called the last game “Gapangan Challenge”,props and mechanics were provided by Metrobank’s coordinator.


Set up: A total of 10 participants equally divided by 5 members per team. Other participants will hold a rope from end to end and stand horizontally in front of the players.


Players has to align first with a blind fold (make sure they really can’t see anything). And on GO signal, they will crawl on the sand and make sure not to touch the rope with any parts of their body.


The twist is, on GO signal and as they start crawling they remove the ropes and let the players crawl as they want.



Winner is Red team, because one of them stand up first.

Are you looking to get your employees out of the office and show them that they’re appreciated by doing something a little different? Get away from “typical” or potentially boring company outing ideas by providing your team with truly memorable and unique activities in a beach in Batangas especially here in Eagle Point Resort.


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