NCR Police Fiercely Faced Eagle Point Team Building Activities

NCR Police Fiercely Faced Eagle Point Resorts Challenging Team Building Activities

Remember that the best team building venue for your company is really depends on the goals your team is trying to accomplish, as well as the needs of the particular members in your group.  With that in mind, look how this beach in Batangas, Eagle Point Resort handles team building with a bang!!

March 24, 2017, Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort welcomes Regional Logistics Office of NCR Police Office located at Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig. Consist of 55 police officers who will be staying at the resort for two days and one night.


Arrived around 10 in the morning, welcome drinks were served in the lobby and head straight to Sepoc Beach Center for their Team building.



The group had their lunch upon arrival at Sepoc Beach Center.

eagle_point_resort_ncr_police_development_training_03 eagle_point_resort_ncr_police_development_training_04

After having lunch, it is now time to tests their strengths, teamwork and camaraderie. First challenge was to wear their assigned colored shirt and cap, as fastest as they can.



Leading was Maroon followed by Blue and Green, without being said those are our team’s group colour.


Look how good they look while is their t-shirts. They were divided into three groups respectively.

Maroon Team


Blue Team and


Green Team


Group Picture!! Smile Everyone!!


I think they were all ready now to start with the Eagle Point Resorts’ in house team building activities.

First game was “Flag Hunting”


Green team got the highest 700 total points, followed by the Blue team with 350 total points and lastly the Maroon team.

5 mins water break to prepare themselves for the most challenging activity in Sepoc-EPR inhouse game the “Obstacle Relay with Sack Race”.


The Maroon team wanted to take revenge for their lost in the first game. In a few mins we start the relay, we ask them to have a 10 participants each team color.




The Maroon run, slide and hopped faster than the other team and that made them to be on the top of the game, followed by the Green team and lastly by the Blue team.

Going on the next activity, the thrilling “Filling the Drums”


It feels like it was a shooting in a movie since the ABS-CBN crew was taking a video of our activity during that time to be featured on March 29, 2017 in Umagang Kay Ganda.




The Blue team up their hands first, followed by the Green team and lastly by Maroon, but still a friendly and competitive competition between our NCR Police team.

The end of game will give a clear path to the champion of the Sepoc EPR games.

Next game was the “Kayak Race”


At first the Team Maroon was eager to take the first spot, and they rowed fast and in the rage, however they’re out of the course and they are left behind by the Blue team who wins the challenge followed by the Green team and of course the Maroon team.


They gave themselves a hand of applause for a job well done in bravely accepting our challenges. As the activities run to its end, we announced that it was their “Basaan Time”. They cheer for beers and some go swimming, and some was roaming around, just like soul searching.

The grand champion was advised to their coordinator (Ms. Jen), and that was no other than the Green team with 8 total points. We rode the boat, and get back to the resort by 3:30 PM, exact time for their snack time. They enjoyed the after party, by go swimming in the main resort swimming pool and salt water reef pool, taking photos for unforgettable memories, having moment and again cheering for beers and “Pulutan” in the pavilion area. By the night fall, our brave NCRPO fellowmen took their dinner by not eating too much, to give way for another batch of beers and also for their golden voices as Eagle Point Resort prepared videoke for their entertainment for the night.

Are you looking to get your employees out of the office and show them that they’re appreciated by doing something a little different? Get away from “typical” or potentially boring company outing ideas by providing your team with truly memorable and unique activities in a beach in Batangas especially here in Eagle Point Resort.


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