List of Gadgets You Must Have When Visiting Anilao, Batangas

Advancements in technology has provided adventurers more avenues to document and immortalize their travels. It has been a very long time since we last have to wait weeks before our photos are developed or even worry about losing the negatives because now, the moment you capture an image, you can have it stored on your drives or cloud for as long as you want.

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With summer just around the corner, we decided it’ll be helpful to tell you just what kinds of gadgets you can bring to your next visit here in Anilao. We’ve listed down six devices that will definitely make your upcoming summer escapade here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort a memory you can relive over and over:

  1. Smartphone

This one is too obvious; after all, you don’t need a blog to remind you to always bring your smartphone with you. It’s the most important gadget you should always have with you because it’s like everything you need wrapped up in one super gadget. Remember, your smartphone has the ability to make calls, send messages, connect to the internet, and be a music player and a flashlight, too.

  1. Power bank

Yes, your smartphone is super but just like you, it needs energy to keep up with your adventures. Thanks to technology, we now have a power bank! Make sure not just to have it fully charged the moment you leave home or every time you step out of your booked room here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas. For maximum usage, do purchase one with an appropriate mAh because a power bank you need to recharge again and again defeats its purpose.


  1. Action Camera

It need not be a Go Pro but an action camera like that would be the most perfect gadget to bring if you consider yourself an adventurer. The great thing about this gadget is that if you know which one to buy, you will have access to a camera with built-in waterproofing, voice control, and touchscreen without having to trouble yourself with the case. This means you can bring it on all kinds of terrain as well as on air and underwater.

  1. Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

You can’t always rely on your smartphone to do all the work so to be a real girl or boy scout that lives by the mantra of always being prepared, a solar-powered inflatable light can prove to be useful. Just let the sun do the work and charge it during the day. By night time, if you plan to explore the shores of Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, just bring this along and you can appreciate the beach along with the moon.


  1. Wireless Portable Speaker

A beach getaway is never complete with your favorite happy tunes. Another gift technology has given us is the crowd-favorite wireless portable speaker. With this gadget, you can frolic under the sun and enjoy the waters with your playlist as your background music. You know what’s even better? They’ve got these on waterproof design, too! Now, that’s definitely a worthy purchase you’d enjoy wherever you are.

If you have these five packed on your bags on your next trip here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort, then you will surely come home with lots of photos to remember your awesome summer vacation in a awesome beach resort in Batangas! Book a room with us now and let’s start beating the heat together!


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