Simple Ways to Protect Coral Reefs When Visiting Beaches and Islands

Simple Ways to Protect Coral Reefs When Visiting Beaches and Islands

Batangas is known for being one of the most popular beach destinations among city-dwellers. With gorgeous seascapes that’s only a few hours drive away from the city, it’s no surprise that this particular place in the South continues to be a crowd favorite for quick tropical getaways. Of course, just like we mentioned, Batangas is home to many magnificent beaches so to help you out on your next adventure to the South, here are its top four must-visit beach destinations:


  1. Laiya

Laiya, Batangas is probably one of the most visited beaches in the country especially those from Manila. Located in Laiya-Aplaya, San Juan, this particular destination is popular due to its pristine waters and white sand. Some compare it to the world-recognized white sands of Boracay but of course, those are much finer and powder-like compared to that of Laiya. However, just like in the islands of Boracay, the white sands of Laiya is made up of weathering-formed crushed shells and corals as well. The great thing about this beach is that it’s fully-developed with quality hotel resorts and accommodations but it’s still not that commercialized so you can still bask in the natural wonders in tranquility and peace.

  1. Anilao

Batangas is not only home to great beaches but also to marine life so rich and colorful that it’s considered some of the world’s best. Whether you’re a first timer or a professional scuba diver, Anilao is a place to visit if what you want to experience is the breathtaking beauty of its teeming underwater life. With its colorful coral beds and amazing diversity of fishes

e’re not just talking about a few species here and there; in fact, a team of UK marine biologists have confirmed that they found more than 250 coral species in Anilao than anywhere else in the world. Just like in Laiya, this part of Batangas is developed as well with resorts like ours, Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort, offering a wide variety of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and island hopping.


  1. Nasugbu

Another beach destination in Batangas known for its white sand beach resorts is Nasugbu. Since it has gained popularity among city-dwellers, this municipality has its fair share of fully-developed resorts and restaurants so you can experience the best Batangas has to offer. Besides the beaches and resorts, Nasugbu is also home to various peaks and mountains you can have fun trekking with your friends such as Mount Batulao. This particular mountain can be a welcome retreat away from the tropical heat and humidity because of its cool temperature but of course, you can just always take a dip on the wonderful Nasugbu beaches to cool off, right?

  1. Tingloy

Tingloy is another municipality in the province of Batangas blessed with gorgeous beaches and awe-inspiring sunsets. Many people still consider Tingloy as one of Batangas’ best-kept secrets as it’s not as commercialized as the other beaches. This makes Tingloy the perfect place to visit if peace and quiet are what you are looking for in your short vacation. Here, you can enjoy just sinking your feet on the sand and watching as the sun settles into the ocean like a picture-perfect, panoramic postcard view of Batangas. Though there aren’t many resorts in this area, you could still find accommodations through the internet, most of which are just a tricycle, jeep, or walk away from the beach.

Batangas may not be as popular as the islands of Boracay or Palawan but if you consider yourself a traveller and adventurer, there is more to this place than what you see on the internet. Our advice? Talk to the locals and they might just tell you other attractions you should visit here in Batangas! But if you want a simple good time, pay us a visit here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort and we’d love to show you the best Batangas has to offer.


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