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Team building events and activities have many benefits to your company such as improving communication and making the workplace more enjoyable. It is very helpful in motivating a team and for team members to get to know each other better. It is also very useful for making sure that all the members of a team are “on the same page” with regards to the companies’ objectives through goal setting activities. Through team building activities the participants often learn more about themselves especially in terms of their strengths and weaknesses as well as helping management to identify and utilize strengths in their employees. Generally, team building activities help improve team productivity and effective collaboration within a team.


Last May 6, 2017, a hundred participants came at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon. They had their welcome drinks upon arrival. Leave their luggage on the luggage areas and head straight to Sepoc Beach Resort. An exclusive island for Eagle Point Resort’s guest were extreme team building activities are awaiting.


First station, the Obstacle Relay.

The group were divided into four groups with ten members for each teams. They were named as Team Hazel, Team Moana, Team Rico and Team Jane.


The first team that finishes the race first is the Team Rico, followed by Team Moana then Team Hazel lastly Team Jane. Let us now proceed to the station two….


Second Station, Flag Hunting

Best team to collect more flags as possible will win in this game. Each flaglets in different colors has a corresponding points. At the end of this game, the facilitator will collect all the flaglets per team and will tabulate the total pooint gained in all flaglets collected.



Team Hazel got the highest points with 900 total points, followed by Team Moana with 850 total points then Team Rico and lastly Team Jane.



Final Station, Fill in the Drums

Each drums has a total of 26 holes to cover using only their body parts, each team  were given two minutes to strategist. Everybody participated for the filling the drums, first team to finished is Team Rico followed by Team Moana, then Team Hazel and Jane.


Afterwards they had their free time, enjoyed the beach take some pictures and had some fun in this beach resort in Batangas.


Tired? Yes but they’re absolutely much happier than tired. They had experienced one of a kind team building activities in this exclusive island in Batangas beach just for them bonded with extreme activities that will surely burst out the best in each and everyone.


Team-building activities are a way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communications, and improve morale and productivity. Employees benefit through experiencing a sense of accomplishment in working as a group to complete a challenging task and learning ways to improve communication skills.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and experience the thrill and adventure this beach resort in Batangas has to offer for your team.


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Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is the Leading Scuba Diving, Leisure & Family Resort in Anilao Batangas. You can also watch the Season 2 of Pantaxa reality show that was filmed in this Batangas beach resort.




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