Unleashed the Fighting Spirits of Accenture CIO Team

Unleashed the Fighting Spirits of Accenture CIO Team

Who says that the April 1st is fool’s day? Not for the Accenture team lead by Ms. Jem, though they struggled on their way here in the resort, but they came in the neck of their itinerary. Accenture is one of our yearly corporate guests where they conduct their team building, and this year they nailed it again.

The group arrived in the resort by batches, then by 12:00 PM the last batch came and we’re set to go. By 12:30 PM we arrived in Sepoc, first they took their lunch to boost their energy for the coming challenges. We will start the activity by 2:00 PM as I advised their coordinator. The group is now ready to flex some muscle and break some bones.



First game, was the “Flag Hunting +”, we scattered 30 flagellates plus the 250 points. The nerve is on the rush as they are ready to hunt down those flagellates. 3, 2, 1 as the Blue team took advantage of the 250 points and won the game followed by the Green team, next by the Red and Yellow team as the last group.




The rage is on as they don’t want to take a rest, they are so competitive that they challenged our “Obstacle Relay with Sack Race” unlucky for them another group is on the game, so I advised them that, we will play the “Tug-O-War” first and after that we will proceed with the “Obstacle Relay with Sack Race”. The group agreed to my suggestion and they are so excited that we will play an additional game, on top of their chosen games.



First match is between Green and Yellow, in less than a minute the match ended by the Yellow team. Next match is between Red and Blue team, Blue team won the match. The final match will determine the strongest team among the groups, the Blue and Yellow teams are both competitive as they shout (1,2,3 pull……)simultaneously , but the pot of fortune is in favor of Yellow team.



That’s the end of our 2nd game, and still keeps going as we proceed to “Obstacle relay”, first I demo how it works and after that I provide the mechanics for the game. The heat is on as Green hit the spot as the fastest team, followed by the Yellow team, next by the Red team and lastly by the Blue team so sad for the Blue one they lost this match.


We’re on the final game, and it’s time for the Blue team to turn the table back on their side as we played the “Filling the Drums”. First team who filled the drum was the Yellow team, followed by the Green team and Red team, unlucky for the 3 teams, the Blue team won this game as they are the first who overflowed the drum.




This time the Blue team took revenge and announced as the champion of their teambuilding activity. However, the Blue team has a lot of complains and they are thinking if that’s what makes them the Champion? We don’t know but all I know that their team players are all competitive to death. As the game ends I officially announced it’s their “Basaan Time”, they enjoyed playing and swimming and some of them are just roaming around and taking some good shots as souvenir of their Sepoc experience.

We returned back to the resort by 4:00 PM, and when we arrived some of them still taking photos around the resort’s vicinity and capturing the beauty of Batangas beaches. They enjoyed it so much.

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