Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. Energy Awakens at Sepoc Beach Center

If there is one other event employees are excited about besides the annual Christmas party (and not to mention, Christmas bonus), it’s probably the company outing. This particular time of the year is when team building activities are planned to rekindle the spirit of collaboration and teamwork within colleagues.

Here in the Philippines, beaches in Batangas are a a popular venue for company outings and team buildings; and for good reason. To help you not go crazy trying to think of where to hold your company outing for the year 2017, here is an example of corporate events held at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort. 


Last April 8, 2017, Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. arrived at Eagle Point Resort around 11:00 in the morning. Upon arrival they had their welcome drinks on the lobby and go straight to their luggage area to leave some of the unnecessary things to Sepoc Beach Center.

And here they are, they are riding the boat going to the private island which only Eagle Point Resort’s guest can come and enjoy the beauty of that piece of land.


We arrived at Sepoc Beach Center a beautiful white sand beach in Batangas around 11:30 in the morning, they all seems very hungry because of the long ride. We served them their AM snacks (Palabok with bread and refreshing iced tea).


After having Am snack and a little bit rest we proceed to the first game. They called it “Hat Relay”


They were divided into two groups only,Red Team versus Blue Team. The Taiyo management will reward Ten Thousand Pesos for the winning team on each games and that is reason why they are very competitive.


The rule of this game is to transfer the hat from one person to another without touching it and once dropped you will repeat again from the first player, the fastest team to finish will win this game.


Red team won!

Right after our first game we continue to our second game, the Obstacle Relay with Sack Race the first team finished the course will get the game.


We make it even challenging by adding sack race in this game. This is really a fat-burning game.



Blue Team wins!

They were given five minute water break to refresh from that hot and tiring Obstacle Relay plus Sack Race.

Then start with our third game, Fill in the Drums were they have to fill the drum with water even though the drum is full of holes.


First team to finish will win.


On the first two minutes Blue Team is on the lead but the Red Team wont give them a single chance to win.


So at the end of this game both team filled the drums on the same time, its a tie!


So this is the last game, Tug-o-war were Blue Team once again defeats Red Team. Blue team has two total wins while Red Team win just once.

After the exciting games the group had their lunch and free time. They enjoyed swimming on the beach, picture taking and some just sit back and rest while looking at the blue wide and deep ocean.

Convinced? Let’s start planning your 2017 company outing now! Our facilities here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort are great for your team building activities. Book now!


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