Kayaking - A Must-Experience Activity in Batangas

Kayaking – A Must-Experience Activity in Batangas

When Anilao, Batangas is the topic of the conversation, people tend to immediately think about scuba diving. We can’t really blame you, after all, the place is popular for being home to some of the country’s best diving sites. Here at Anilao, you can bear witness to the magnificence of mother nature by going underwater and seeing the colorful and diverse marine life it has to offer. However, diving is not the only thing that you should not miss if you’re in Anilao because this Batangas municipality does not come short when it comes to unforgettable water activities.

One other fun adventure you can do to satiate your need for aquatic thrills is kayaking.

What is kayaking?


Kayaking is like canoeing but different in the way the paddlers position themselves in the boat as well as the paddle’s number of blades. A kayak is a canoe-like boat that’s low-to-the-water so it’s the best activity to do if you want to explore and experience the calm currents of Anilao.

Where to kayak in Anilao

Kayaking is one of the many thrills Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas can offer. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple in a romantic getaway, a group of friends on the ultimate #squadgoals trip, or a company out for the annual team building, a kayaking tour is surely something you’d enjoy. Since the resort is strategically located on the western tip of Maricaban Island, going kayaking in the wonderful waters of Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort allows you to appreciate how the ocean fans out to meet the sky and how the lush natural wonders make the perfect frame of your panoramic view.

Why you should try it?


Besides kayaking to bask yourself in the beauty of nature, there are many other reasons to try this water activity.

  1. It can be a good workout.

Since kayaking involves paddling (a lot of paddling!), your core strength will definitely be put to work. Twisting on both sides to paddle means you’ll be using muscles you normally don’t and that’s a good start if you want to feel inspired to have a flatter and toned stomach.

Kayaking is also a great workout for the upper body because the water’s resistance keeps your arms, shoulders, and back on point. But just because it exercises your upper body strength, it doesn’t mean your legs won’t be part of the work. The direction of the kayak depends on both your core and your legs so it could also be a good way to strengthen your leg muscles.

  1. It can relieve stress.

Research suggests that paddling has mental and emotional benefits in terms of distressing your mind.  In fact, participants showed “enhanced feelings of self-worth, confidence, physical appearance, feelings of adequacy, and a sense of improved worth in social interactions.” And since kayaking provides the paddler a sightseeing opportunity, the view of the sand, sun, and sea might just give you the breath of fresh air you need away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


  1. It can be a good bonding activity.

Whether you’re in Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas with your special someone, your family, or your friends, going kayaking can be a great way to bond. What better backdrop do you need to make a moment memorable and special than the blue waters of Anilao? You can also go kayaking before jumping into the waters to try out the famous Anilao scuba diving to witness the world-famous rich marine biodiversity the place is known for.


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