Why Batangas is the Best Destination for Spontaneous Barkada Trips

Juggling work responsibilities, commitments at home while maintaining precious relationships can be overwhelming nowadays. This lead millennials to coin the term “adulting” in describing how one adjusts as they grow old and get stuck in the middle of compromises and daily struggles of living. Looking back, you used to have so many Batangas weekend getaways together with your set of friends. There’s no better way than to relieve stress other than spending incomparable time with the barkada. As summer is fast approaching, it’s time to relive those moments in Batangas! Why Batangas, you ask? Here are three reasons why Batangas is the best destination for spontaneous barkada trips.


  1.       Proximity

Living in the buzzing city screaming with stress, all you and your barkada want is a quiet place to reevaluate your life. Where else can you find a peaceful environment near Manila? Just a quick two to three hours away from Manila, you will be able to enjoy the lush province of Batangas equipped with a lively past and unspoiled nature. This means you get to make the most out of your spur-of-the-moment trip. Proximity can also mean you get to save some cash during the trip. You could opt to bring food that you can consume at Batangas or along the way. In addition to that, there are a lot of activities available for a fee in the said province, you and friends can also enjoy the privilege of trying it all out without worrying about the trip back to reality. Choosing Batangas will definitely not make your delight short lived.


  1.       Batangas has so much to offer

Creating an itineray for Batangas will be no easy feat as Batangas has got it all. If you want to cleanse your soul by church hopping, you can drop by several Churches which its architecture are to die for. These include Basilica of St. Martin, the largest church in Asia or the stunning Caleruega Church perfect for strolling. If you guys need a dose of adrenaline, then opt for scuba diving in Anilao to enrich your knowledge further about the diverse marine life of Batangas. If you want another way to immerse with nature, consider mountain climbing. Batangas is blessed with astonishing mountains and hills that you and your group can leisurely trek at. There is a variety of choices, either you can take it easy or challenge yourselves into reaching a steep peak. Discover the endless activities you can appreciate in Batangas yourself and be amazed.


  1.       Prepare yourself for a food coma

Not many people realize that Batangas is also a food haven. The abundant natural resources from both land and sea have developed the province’s cuisine into a whole new level. Batangas takes pride distinct foods like Bulalo, Batangas Lomi, Batangas Goto, Taghilaw and many more yet to be discovered. If you’re a bit adventurous, you should definitely try Kalderatang Kambeng which is another crowd-favorite. Don’t forget to wrap up your complete Batangueno food experience by complementing your meal with an authentic Batangas-made Bagoong. Your gang will definitely need another freshly cooked pot of rice after having a bite of Batangas’ very own delectable dishes.

What else is stopping you? Hit your friends up and plan your next unforgettable trip with the gang. Make sure you book your rooms at Eagle Point Resort to secure you and your barkada the best weekend getaway to get through your adulting phase.


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