Why You Should Bring an Action Camera to Batangas Beaches

If there is one technological advancement that travel adventurers are thankful for, it’s probably the action camera. It doesn’t have to be the sought-after Go Pro brand because if you know where to look, you can find action cameras that are within budget. But first, what is an action camera?


An action camera, also called an action-cam, is a compact, waterproof device designed to film action especially outdoor sports or adventures. This can be attached to tripods, helmets, handlebars, or surfboards, making it easier for you to capture specific perspectives, hands-free. This means that when choosing an action camera, you have to consider its definition, resolution, accessories, availability, connection to the internet, zooming capabilities, size, durability, field of view, battery life, and frames per second.

It may look more like a splurge than a spend but if you consider yourself an avid traveller and adventurer, an action camera is a great investment. Here’s why you should bring one to Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort:

  1. It can record your adventures in HD.

Whether it’s for a video blog or for personal collection, an action camera can be used, well, like a normal camera. It record your adventures on the beach be it swimming or running around the beach. Images and sounds will be clearer than when you use a smartphone, plus, you don’t have to worry about your mobile phone losing battery just because you wanted to capture your travel.


  1. You can bring it high or low.

If you’re up for a trek to some of the beautiful peaks in Batangas or want to try the famous scuba diving activities we have here at the resort, you can do so with your action camera. If you haven’t had the chance to try those activities before, an action camera will be a handy device to remember your first hike or dive.

  1. It’s built for toughness.

Action cameras are built for action, hence the name. This means that unlike your smartphone or other cameras, these are much more durable against constant movements. In fact, this is the reason most surfers are confident enough to attach their action cameras to their surfboards even with the threat of waves and crashes. Imagine being on a trip and not having to worry about breaking your camera.


  1. Storage is expandable.

Filming videos can eat up a crazy amount of storage especially if you’re just using your smartphone. This is especially true if you’re an Apple user because its storage is not expandable. Imagine if you’re planning to stay in Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas with the goal of trying out scuba diving, swimming, and kayaking, and you don’t have a big enough storage to capture all your adventures. With an action camera you can expand memory and bring along a spare SD card just in case.

  1. It can capture great underwater shots.

Eagle Point Beach and Diving resort in Batangas is situated in Anilao, one of the most famous diving spots not just in the Philippines but in the world. With an action camera, you can capture its rich marine biodiversity whether you’re opting to scuba dive or snorkel. Take photos of corals or videos of sea creatures in action!

If you happen to visit us here at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas with your action cameras, do tag us on your photos, just follow our social media accounts on the footer below!


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