Having a Wonderful and Memorable Wedding

Having a Wonderful and Memorable Wedding

With a country blessed with over 7,600 islands, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that destination weddings are becoming more and more popular over time. Just imagining the sea and the sky as the backdrop to your special day is enough to make you want to tie the knot at the beach.

However, planning a successful beach wedding doesn’t just come down to how great your chosen resort is. So in the interest of making your wedding here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort a success, here are a few things to remember:


  1. Take advantage of the sunset.
    The number one concern for couples when it comes to beach weddings is the weather. The tropics can get really hot and excessive sweating is not something you, nor your guests, want to experience on such a special day. Our advice? Hold the ceremony around sunset; it won’t be just cooler but it paints the surroundings a beautiful golden color. Now, isn’t that romantic?
  2. Dress appropriately.
    Take a leaf from some of the celebrity couples who had their weddings on the beach- ditch the suit and tie and the bulky ball gowns. Instead, go for lighter materials that offer more flexibility and comfort no matter how high the temperature gets. Oh, and don’t forget to inform your guests as well.
  3. Wear the right hair and makeup.
    One problem the bride and her posse immediately think of when beach weddings are the topic of conversation is makeup. When the weather is too hot, makeup can fade or cake, and that’s not good for photos. Make sure to choose cosmetics that are waterproof, have long-staying power, and require minimal touch-ups.
  4. Finalize your guest list.
    The venue cost of most destination weddings depend on the number of guests. So before you lock in, let’s say Eagle Point Beach and Diving resort for your wedding day, make sure finalize your guest list so avoid money down the drain.
  5. Get the required permits ready.
    Beach weddings require as much permit as church and garden weddings. In fact, it’s crucial to ask the local government first if there are any additional permits you’ll be needing to push through with a destination wedding.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably planning a beach wedding and are interested in booking Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort. What do we have to say to that?

We would love to be part of your special day! Give us a call now!


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