Ways to Secure Your Belongings in a Resort

Ways to Secure Your Belongings in a Resort

If there is one thing about going to the Batangas beaches that worries everyone, it’s how to make sure your belongings are secured even when you’re out for a swim. Yes, you can keep your things inside your booked accommodations but in this generation, it’s impossible to enjoy the outdoors without your smartphones and action cameras by your side.

So how can you enjoy your time here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort without always stressing about whether or not your belongings are still right where you left them? Easy- here are three ingenious ways you can secure your belongings at the beach resorts in Batangas:


  1. Use the cooler.

An innocent cooler won’t attract the eyes of thieves that may be lurking around the beach. Put your valuables in a bag, wrap them in a towel, and then place it inside a small cooler. To make it more inconspicuous, you can put bottles of water and other drinks so in the event someone opens the cooler, they won’t think there is anything in it besides the usual beverages. Just make sure to secure your valuables in a waterproof bag and a towel to prevent it from getting wet or frozen.


  1. Use an empty sunscreen bottle.

This hack has been making rounds on the world wide web. It’s really simple- just get an empty sunscreen bottle (one that’s big enough to fit your phone), cut the small opening inside the cover and stow your stuff inside. To make the ruse sell even more, place the bottle by your towel. If you have a big enough sunscreen bottle, you can fit your keys, money, and phone right inside it. Problem solved!


  1. Use a dry case.

With more and more travellers looking to secure their valuables even while enjoying the sun, sand, and sea, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs have come up with an invention with the very purpose of solving just that. Introducing the “dry case”- this is usually a flexible, waterproof, floatable clear bag that varies in size but the most common one is phone-sized with full touch screen capabilities and a lanyard so you can access your smartphone even when it’s stowed inside.

Now that you know how to properly keep your valuables safe, it’s time to enjoy the breathtaking oceans we have here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas whether its a family gathering, company outing or simply a barkada getaway! Go for one last summer hurrah before the rainy season unleashes its rage!


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