Plan a Budget-friendly Trip to Batangas

For people wanting to spend a quick break from the busy roads of Manila and cities alike, Batangas beaches is their safe haven. It’s not only because of the proximity but also the plethora of tourist destinations at your disposal. This includes wide array of white sand beaches, astounding waterfalls, and even charismatic museums and landmarks that are easily reached.

There isn’t really a shortage of places you can visit. But how exactly will you plan it out? Should you prioritize your minimal amount of time to accommodate as much spots as you can or carefully handpick places that would fit your budget instead?


If you’re more of the latter, here are some handy tips to help you minimize costs while maximizing the most of your short weekend getaway.

Pick on a travel route

Whether you are going to use your own car or you’re planning to commute by bus, both will take about two to three hours to reach Batangas depending on the traffic. Both has their own boon and bane, so it’s best to weigh the pros and cons. Aside from driving at your own leisure, using a private vehicle will also lessen the chances of your luggage getting lost or stolen. The downside is that you’d have to pay for tolls and gas and there’s a high risk of you and your friends getting lost in the way. As for using the public transportation, terminals are easily accessed and trips are scheduled so you can manage your time wisely. Though you have to prepare yourself for long queues and crowded places.


Places you can visit

Aside from the jaw dropping beaches in Batangas has to offer, there are plenty of other places you visit in Batangas. You can climb the top of the Cape Santiago Lighthouse which gives you the perfect sunrise or sunset view. Another underrated tourist spot is Lemery’s Fantasy World where you can visit the unfinished Disneyland of the Philippines. You might not find rides installed there but you can have a peaceful stroll or a picnic with your family.


Things to take with you

It won’t be your first trip away from home so you obviously have an idea which things to bring. Regardless, there are some things you ought to add into your luggage like a lightweight jacket since Batangas has had some low temperature especially at night time. Waterproof cases are also essential to protect your gadgets.

You should also consider booking a room with us here at Eagle Point Resort as we provide high quality service at an affordable price. We can also help you create an itinerary for you as if you are a Batangas local. Not only will you save more money but will also learn more about Batangas’ culture. Drop us a message and we’ll help you create you next best travel adventure.


Thank you for reading!

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