Basic Tips for Shooting Underwater Videos

Basic Tips for Shooting Underwater Videos

Travelers these days are can no longer go on Batangas beach resorts without their trusty action cameras and smartphones. With everything going digital, it’s only natural that adventurers are investing time, money, and effort to make sure they can take home quality photos and videos of their beach in Batangas getaways and escapades.

Since we’ve already done an article on tips and tricks you can take note of when taking photos underwater, we’re now going to move on to shooting videos when you’re scuba diving here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas.

  1. Hold as still as possible.

First thing you need to know is that underwater videos are actually not prone to rapid shakes but even a little wobble can cause strain in your viewers’ eyes. Our advice? Make sure to choose an action camera with great stability features and hold its housing close to your body for additional support.


  1. Use a tripod.

If you don’t trust yourself to hold the camera completely steady, then it’s best to use a tripod. This is particularly helpful in dives where the water’s current is a bit stronger than usual. With a tripod, you don’t have to worry about any shakiness so you can be sure to have nice still shots of whatever underwater subjects you come across.

  1. Go for variety.

Remember, you are not taking photos so variety is key when shooting underwater videos. Yes, it’s standard to always have steady or still clips but it’s better to throw in a few moving shots as well. Pan the camera slowly and don’t turn your whole body as you do since kicking your fins would cause the camera to wobble.


  1. Know how to use your camera.

Color and light are not as easy to control when you’re underwater so it’s very important you familiarize yourself with the camera you have. Learn how to customize your light and filters depending on the situation so you won’t end up with footage that are too dark, too bright, too blue, or too blurred.

  1. Keep recording.

These days, with cloud storage available, you no longer have to fret about how much footage you take. Moments are fleeting especially when you’re trying to shoot videos underwater so don’t think about storage and just focus on recording; after all, it’s better to have a lot of footage to choose from than end up realizing you don’t have a lot to for a great final video.

If you think you’re ready to shoot underwater videos, our master divers here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas would be more than glad to show you the rich and colorful underwater life of Anilao!


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