How to Take Stunning Beach Photos with Your Smartphone?

How to Take Stunning Beach Photos with Your Smartphone?

Summer is the only time of the year when your social media feeds get flooded with thousands and thousands of Batangas beaches photos. You can’t really blame the people posting those, after all, the sun, sea, and sky makes for a great photo. However, a lot of you assume that a great image can only be taken by those who are equipped with state-of-the-art DSLR or digital cameras.

Well, we here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, are telling you that you don’t need those bulky devices just to have photographs of your Batangas beach resort getaway that are worth sharing online.


Even with just your good ol’ smartphone, here are a few tips you can take with you to the beaches in Batangas:

  1. Remember to have a focal point.
    The one very common issue when taking photos at the beach is trying to make it interesting despite the vast amount of empty space. But with a keen eye and creative mind, there are ways to go around this problem- always remember the first rule of photography which is to look for a focal point. Initially, this could be a challenging task but just really scan the place and it won’t be that difficult to find an interesting subject for your photo. Whether it’s a person, a boat, a sandcastle, a shell, or even footprints, there’s always something in nature that you could use for your beach photo’s focal point.
  2. Include the foreground on your photos.
    The sea and the sky are almost always in the same shade of blue so if you take a photo without the foreground, you’ll end up with just a boring blue image. Our suggestion? Go lower. You can make your image’s composition more dynamic by crouching down and including the foreground- be it sand, rocks, or grass. This technique can add more depth to your photo and give the viewers more insight on what the destination you’re in looks like.
  3. Take advantage of your phone’s burst mode.
    Want to take the perfect photo of the waves crashing or a flock of birds flying over the horizon? Then better use your phone’s burst feature. The beach is a place filled with objects that move in fast and unpredictable ways so using the burst mode will activate your smartphone camera’s shutter which would start taking photos one after another. Once you’re done, just review your set of images and find one that really captured what you wanted to immortalize on a photograph. This feature is also very helpful if you’re trying to take the perfect #squadgoal jump shot at the beach.
  4. Know the right timing.
    The sun just about to rise and set are the perfect times of the day to capture great, Instagrammable photos at the beach. Knowing the right timing to do your photoshoot at the beach can paint you interesting natural colors, shades, and shadows. Our favorite here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, is right before the sun sets because of the way it paints the sky and everything below it a shade of gold. Sunsets also make for perfect silhouette shots.eagle_point_anilao_beach_resort_13
  5. Make sure the horizon is aligned.
    The most common mistake smartphone photographers make is not considering how the horizon looks. With a view that’s composed mainly of wide open spaces, it’s important to make sure that the horizon, or the line where the sky and sea meets, is not broken or misaligned. Also, don’t make the horizon the center of the shot as this can make the image look like it was cut in half. Just read all about the rule of thirds so you know just how to use the horizon when taking breathtaking photos of the beach.


There’s no point in waiting! Take this tips to the test by visiting us here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort because we can make your tropical getaway a truly Instagrammable one. Book a room now here at Eagle Point Resort.


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