Five Important Things You Should not do at the Beach

The beaches in Batangas is a place for both relaxation and recreation. Here, you have the liberty to spend your day lazy-lounging and sunbathing at the sand or satisfying the adventurer in you by exploring and trying out the various water thrills it can offer.

However, any tropical paradise is called a “paradise” for a reason; remember that our Batangas beaches are amazing works of art by Mother Nature herself and it is our duty to do everything we can to make sure we preserve and sustain its beauty and purpose for future generations to enjoy as well.


This rainy season, we here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas would like to take the time to remind our fellow Batangas beach-lovers like you just what NOT to do when you’re out for a quick tropical getaway:

1.Do not leave trash on the shore.

Yes, a stay at the beach in Batangas is never complete without hanging out with your friends by the shore, exchanging stories, and maybe having a few drinks. We’re not saying you are not allowed to do that, we’re just telling you that if you do decide to do that, please be responsible for your trash. All beach resorts can attest that they have one too many experiences of having to pick up empty cans or bottles of beer as well as packs of chips left behind by inconsiderate guests. How would you feel about going to a beach and finding trash? It would ruin your vacation, right?

2.Do not throw garbage on the ocean.

C’mon, this one’s pretty obvious. We’re not just saying you should not do this because you swim on this waters but more importantly because the ocean is home to many plants and animals. Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Anilao, Batangas is known globally for being one of the best dive sites in the world so just imagine coming to visit us and trying out scuba diving only to find out every creature and coral you’re excited to see are dead? Trash cans are available all over our resort and it won’t kill you to walk a few steps to dispose your trash properly.


3.Do not light bonfires without permission.

Not all beach resorts allow bonfires so before you start gathering twigs and leaves, the first thing you should do first is ask a resort personnel if lighting a bonfire is allowed. Yes, it maybe a fun experience to sit around the bonfire and having a laugh with your friends but doing this can potentially harm our shores. By informing us, you are giving us a heads up so we know exactly what to do right after to make sure nothing long-term happens to the very shores you enjoy.

4.Do not pick flowers or plants.

More often than not, beach destinations in our beautiful country are surrounded by lush forests. This means that when walking around the resort, you may see colorful flowers, plants, and trees just swaying to the cool breeze. Though it may be tempting to pick it out and take a few home for souvenir, please don’t. We do our very best to maintain their beauty so you and other guests can enjoy a scenic, picture-perfect view all the time so just look at them and take photos if you wish to immortalize the memory.


5.Do not take home sand.

More often than not, beach-goers like to fill up small bottles with sand so they can take it home as a memento of their getaway. While taking a little seem insignificant to you, in the long run, too many people doing this can affect the shores of our ocean. It’s important to remember that sand are corals that have been naturally broken down and it plays a huge role in the ecosystem of the beach. A number of resorts all over the world have experienced having the need for a beach restoration project just because people keep taking home sand.

If have any other tips or reminders to make sure every visit to the Batangas beach promotes responsible tourism, feel free to tell us! Just leave us a message on our Contact Us page.


Thank you for reading!

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