5 Famous Delicacies That You Should Try On Your Next Batangas Trip

5 Famous Delicacies That You Should Try On Your Next Batangas Trip

Tourists and travelers love beaches in Batangas for many reasons. The province itself is known for picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches and breathe-taking dive spots but other than that, Batanguenos also pride themselves for their delicacies and cuisines.

Batangas is known to be the best source of meat in the country – the freshest beef that you can ever find in the Philippines feeding on organic grass. The surrounding bodies of water also makes the province accessible to seafood and freshwater fishes.


We have selected the top 5 famous delicacies in Batangas that you should try on your next visit.

  1. Batangas Bulalo


Commonly known as the “bone marrow soup”, Bulalo is the most favorite cuisine of visitors of Batangas. This is a staple on most restaurants in the province, served with unlimited rice on the side. Different parts of meat were boiled to perfection – long enough that the meat starts to fall off from the bone. Fresh vegetables like string beans, cabbage, potatoes, sweet corn and sometimes bananas are added to give life and bright colors to the soup. Try it with calamansi, fish sauce, and chili.

  1. Batangas Lomi

This cuisine is usually served as a snack and can also be found in most streets of Manila. What sets Batangas Lomi apart from all the lomis in PH is the texture and the ingredients – the ones from this province is usually thick and gooey and have ingredients like crushed chicharon, sliced ham, sliced liver, meatballs, thick noodles, and more.

  1. Adobo sa Dilaw

Adobo is another popular dish in the Philippines (usually pork or chicken) but the ones served in Batangas has its own unique touch: it is yellow (“dilaw”, in our language) in color. Instead of using soy sauce, locals use turmeric to add color and flavor in it.

  1. Kapeng Barako

Not only that you will find fresh meat in Batangas, coffee in this side of town is a big hit too! Kapeng Barako is a local coffee brew from the Liberica coffee variety, usually prepared by pouring hot water into the freshly brewed beans and straining the mixture with a piece of cloth. Best served with brown sugar, honey, and fresh milk.

  1. Fried Tawilis

Tawilis is a freshwater fish native to the Taal lake, usually deep-fried and served with anchovy sauce and green mangoes. It is crispy but the bones are very soft you won’t have to worry about hurting your palate. Some restaurants in Tagaytay serve this type of dish but is usually expensive, go to Batangas and you’ll get it at a more reasonable price.


These are only a few of our recommended local cuisines that you can try for your beach get away – many of these are also available at our very own Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant.

Plan your next trip with Eagle Point Beach and Di ve Resort in Batangas and we will welcome you with more than just fun under the sun – feast on these must-try delicacies that you and your family can enjoy.  And when travelling here, we highly recommend you go on a seafood diet – as soon as you SEE any of these FOOD choices, just go ahead and eat it!


Thank you for reading!

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