How to Have an Eco-Friendly trip to Batangas

How to Have an Eco-Friendly trip to Batangas

If you’re reading the news, then chances are you know that the municipal council of Malay, Aklan, which covers the island resort of Boracay, has passed an ordinance to regulate drinking of alcoholic beverages in public areas of the island including its beaches.

To say that we are not surprised is an understatement- with the popularity of Boracay, a lot of city-dwellers and tourists tend to drink by the shore and leave their bottles, unfortunately littering and damaging its wonderful shores.

In this light, we here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, decided to write an article to help guide travelers and adventurers alike on how to have an eco-friendly trip to Batangas, and well, any other place in the world. Remember, if we love our natural wonders, then we must do everything in our power to preserve it and keep it pristine and beautiful. Here’s how to travel responsibly:


  1. Choose your hotel accommodation wisely.

A lot of companies in the hospitality and travel and tours industry are now putting in more effort to become greener and more sustainable in the methods and practices. Before you book your room, be sure to read through the hotel or inn’s website and see if they have any statements on what they do to take part in responsible tourism. If they don’t have a website, check out their social media accounts or give them a call.

  1. Know what labels to look for.

A traveler’s friend online is Trip Advisor. With its user-generated content, you can be sure to see what other green-conscious people have to say about a particular hotel. Check for labels of Trip Advisor GreenLeaders (a green leaf badge) which would tell you how that a particular hotel meets minimum standards when it comes to recycling or Energy Star, to know if they’re practicing energy efficiency.


  1. Respect the environment.

If you and the people you’re with are planning to have a drink by the beach, feel free to do so, just make sure to clean as you go and not leave any litter behind. Don’t pluck out any plant or flower, keep the sand where it belongs (not in a jar or bottle for you to take home), don’t feed animals when you’re instructed not to, and definitely don’t throw anything on the sea.

  1. Learn to reuse and recycle.

Even if it’s just as simple as reusing your water bottle instead of buying a new one every single time you run out of drinking water. You can also reuse towels on the duration of your stay and opt not to request for a fresh batch day after day. It may be a simple act but in the long run, you’re helping conserve energy and water that would have been used to wash those.



If there are any other ways you can think of to be a greener and more responsible traveler, do it share with us!


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