Importance of Having an Affordable Company Outing

Importance of Having an Affordable Company Outing

Company outings are, more often than not, the first thing employers are too willing to disregard if there is a need for cost-cutting. Despite numerous researches proving the benefits of team building activities, it’s unfortunate that companies are still looking at it as more of an unnecessary cost than an investment for people development.

Since Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas is a popular destination for company outings, we definitely know a thing or two about team building and why it’s an integral cog that keeps the business machine working smoothly.


  1. It encourages teamwork.
    This one is pretty obvious- team building was designed to encourage the spirit of teamwork. The daily office grind can have your employees cooped up in their own little worlds and focused on their specific tasks. Now, that’s not entirely a bad thing because they do need to have a certain level of concentration to do their job but remember, they are part of a department, part of a company, and an organization needs to be grounded on a spirit of collaboration to work. With team building sessions, employees are motivated to communicate with each other and work together to be able to meet  the specific objective of a particular activity.
  2. It promotes creativity.
    This does not only cover the part where everyone participates in an activity but also the part where assigned committees put their heads together to come up with creative games for the said event. Besides, you have to admit, a change of scenery from the usual walls and corners of the office to the sun, sand, and sea here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in batangas would be enough to inspire your team to think outside the box. Who knows, maybe reconnecting with each other and with nature will allow them to unlock a potential that’s otherwise suppressed by looking at the computer 8 hours a day.
  3. It recharges your employees.
    Ever heard of the term productive breaks? This one is closely related to the second item in this list. Providing your employees a change of scenery can help relax their brains and recharge their productivity. Our advice? The best way to make sure your employees are able to really rejuvenate and lift their spirits through a company outing is to choose a location that is very different from the usual views the office has to offer. This is the very reason beach destinations like Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas is a crowd favorite when it comes to company outings.

In addition to these main three, holding company outings can also foster healthy competition and help your employees relearn and rediscover the company culture or core values. With creativity, productivity, and passion expected to increase, allotting a budget for yearly team building is a small price to pay, don’t you think?

Looking for a venue for your next company outing? Give us a call here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort!


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