Things to Consider in Looking for a Hotel in Anilao

Summer has definitely come and all you can think about is how you can utilize the climate to your advantage. Not to mention, the scorching heat from the sun just fuels your lust for a getaway even further.

Due to the rapid increase of hotel resorts in Batangas all over the country, it’s now a lot harder to choose which local beach resort you should stay at. Should you choose a place that would help ignite your adventurous soul or a more laid-back option to relieve the stress away? The choice is yours to make but here are 5 factors in helping you choose the best Batangas beach resort.


Value for money

Going for a trip can mean planning for so many activities that you can try to squeeze into your short itinerary. Rather than trying to save up a few bucks by backpacking, opt for a resort that could easily fit your budget. At the end of the day, all you want to do is sleep anyway. Make your stay as comfortable as possible by looking for the best Batangas resort that does not only try to accommodate you in any way they can but also serve with a smile.


Accommodation Maintenance

What use is a first-ever beach resort if its rooms and facilities no longer work as they should. Try to look for hotel resorts that take pride in keeping their place neat and well-maintained. This includes room appliances that work, reliable wi-fi and even updated CCTV cameras to ensure safety for all. While the hotels or resorts’ stability and longevity can be admirable, but you would want to stay in a relaxing place to unwind and not invite more stress in your life.



Activities that can be done within the vicinity

While looking at the sunset and sunbathing can be all fun, at some point it will bore you out. Stay somewhere that is near other well-known tourist spots, or better yet, a resort that offers various activities you can choose from. A lot of resorts nowadays curate special packages designed for different kinds of personalities or moods.


Delectable food

Spending valuable time off work could mean tourists need not prepare most of what they need in which includes food. Most resorts offer breakfast each morning but not everyone can provide a lip-smacking selection of local and international breakfast foods. Look for a beach resort that could not only offer food but also smashing cocktails that would make your night alive. You’ve truly scored a huge one if the resort can go out of their way to provide food or cocktails as per customer’s request.    


Preservation of natural resources

Having an out-of-this world view of the crisp, white sand and the clear, refreshing sea, and all set against a stunning jungle covered mountain and facing out onto a picturesque ocean can be really rewarding. Staying at a resort that keeps it all preserved and safe is more than a tourist can ever ask for. With all the commercialization going on everywhere, choosing that resort who’s firm on keeping the environment clean and healthy would be a simple token of gratitude to mother nature for all the surreal gifts she has bestowed upon us.


Here at Eagle Point Resort, we offer all these at an affordable cost. Feel free to contact us now for your next Batangas beach resorts getaway!


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