Great Souvenirs You Can Take Home from Your Trip to Batangas

Great Souvenirs You Can Take Home from Your Trip to Batangas

Travelers like to take home souvenirs from their adventures and in the Philippines, we encourage you to do so. Your destination need not be someplace faraway, in fact, you can bring a little bit of beach in Batangas when you come back to Manila, or if you are a tourist from some other country, then we definitely recommend you bring home of the place’s well-loved “pasalubongs.”

  1. Kapeng Barako


Lipa, a first class component city in Batangas province, is actually home of the country’s Kapeng Barako. This coffee, known for its strong, rich taste, originated from Batangas and is actually Liberica coffee locally grown in the city of Lipa and in the municipality of Mataasnakahoy. If you want the best-tasting, locally-grown coffee greeting you every morning, then we suggest you purchase packs of Kapeng Barako either at the city’s public market, selected grocery stores and supermarkets, or at Cafe de Lipa located at Barangay San Carlos, Lipa and SM City Lipa.

  1. Butterfly Knife


The butterfly knife, known in the Philippines as a Balisong, is a folding pocket knife traditionally made in Batangas. It was created as a self-defense and pocket utility weapon by Filipinos in the Tagalog region. Since the knife can be manipulated through flipping or fanning, it has also become a popular form or entertainment, amusement, and art. Safer, blunt versions of the Batangas balisong is also available for those looking to learn how to practice tricks without harming themselves.

  1. Lambanog


Ah, alcohol. What’s a travel without a party drink, right? And here in Batangas resort, we know just how to do it. Our famous drink, Lambanog, is something you should give a try. This local concoction is in fact, coconut wine or vodka that’s distilled from an unopened coconut flower’s sap. But beware, Lambanog is not for the faint-hearted especially since its alcohol content is typically between 40 to 45% after just going through one process of distillation. If you want a souvenir or a gift to bring back and enjoy with your friends, then Lambanog should go on top of your list.

  1. Souvenir shirts

Of course, your vacation at a Batangas beach resort won’t be complete without you taking home a souvenir shirt! Whether it’s showing a picture of Taal Volcano or simply a direct declaration of love for the city, a souvenir shirt is the best way to wrap up your stay at Batangas and have a tangible memento of your stay here. These shirts are very easy to find in the city, you can even buy it at our gift shop here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas.

What are you waiting for? No need for you to plan ahead just to visit Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, just do a spontaneous trip with your friends and bring back home something to remember your fun trip by!


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