A Very Special Day with Coca-Cola Femsa in Batangas

A Very Special Day with Coca-Cola Femsa in Batangas

A day in Batangas beaches can be either ordinary or special it depends on how you seize the day together with your team. But this time its not ordinary nor special but a very special day in this beach resort in Batangas.

Do you wanna know why? Let me share to you a story of a successful, fun-filled and far from ordinary experience of Coca Cola FEMSA at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas.

First Day: Arrival Day

Th group consist of 260 people from Coca Cola, Human Resources Department from all over the Philippines around in the afternoon of November 24, 2017. Each was welcomed graciously and received Eagle Point welcome necklace at the lobby. They proceed to registration and had a short discussion on function room before checking in to their respective rooms.

After spending some time to relax and to fix their luggage on their it is now time to pamper their tummies with special sumptuous dinner we prepared just for them!!

I know they loved and enjoyed the dinner just by looking on their eyes and wide smiles. Ready to rest and be ready for tomorrows busy schedule with lots of activities.

Second Day: Zumba!, Funtion and SOCIAL NIGHT!!

November 25, 6am is fitness time! Every one was gathered in an open area for some exercise and you know the popular way of exercising nowaday, zumba! Let’s release bad energy and intake the good ones with the help of the instructor and the cool breeze from the ocean, such a relaxing experience.

After Zumba, they were asked to have their breakfast and head straight to the function room for the whole day indoor activities.

Now right after dinner is the social night! They were divided into groups which eventually show their talents, creativity and of course TEAM WORK!

Presenting “THE JUDGES”

Isn’t it really creative? One group performing ethnic dances from different parts of the Philippines. Such a great performance.

Now here’s for the ones whose born on 70’s, I’m sure they’re gonna love this! It’s a groovy evening everyone!

Now in the trend, the K-Pop’s, who doesn’t love anything about Korean’s now?

And lastly, this presentation really comes from the heart, simply showing how they love and treasures being in Coca Cola family.

The whole night was really a blast! They make noise all around beach resorts in Batangas sure fishes and other marine species loved the vibes too!

Third Day: Sepoc Day, TEAM BUILDING Day!

First activity : Cheering Competition

Each team was asked to create a simply, jolly and creative cheers for their time, they were given 30 minutes only to prepare.

Second Activity: Obstacle Relay with Sack Race

This game is very famous for team building games, looks very easy but please remember “sometimes, looks can be deceiving”

Third Activity: Fill in the Drums

This game will practice patience and teamwork. Patience for the ones who is covering the holes under the heat of sun without any shed and teamwork for the ones who is passing the bucket with salt water from the shore to the drums.

Patience is a virtue but teamwork is the key! Congrats guys!

Fourth Game: Flag Hunt

Flaglets was scattered along the pathways, be careful and make sure to get the flag with higher score (but it was announced after collecting the flags) so pray first and wish for luck to be on your team’s side!

Last Game: Longest Line

Last but of course not the least. This is the most challenging game of all. Confidence and strategy is really required!

Ready, Get set, GO!!!!

Take it all off!

These guys hide under the water because they have to take off their shorts for this game. A really bright idea indeed! Batangas beach water will calm you all guys!

After the exciting games it’s time for sumptuous lunch.

Boodle fight  set up for Coca Cola is ready to pamper their tummies! Grab yours now!

It was indeed a very special day to Coca Cola Femsa HR family and for us, Eagle Point Resort family. We hope we have meet all your expectations while staying with us.


Such a fruitful and very much happy event right? Would you like you teams next company outing in a beach resorts in Batangas would be this exciting? Grab your computers and make an inquiry today and we will be happy to assist you.


Thank you for reading!

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