Helpful Tips for First-time Snorkelers

When people hear Anilao, Batangas resort the first thing that comes to mind is the rich and colorful marine life it has to offer. From various kinds of sea creatures to a wide array of corals, you cannot visit this place in the Philippines without witnessing the majestic theatrics underwater. But if scuba diving is too nerve-wracking for you and you prefer to ease in into it, then snorkeling is the one for you.

What is snorkelling?

Snorkelling is a water activity that involves diving underwater using something as very basic as full-foot fins and a diving mask with a shaped-breathing tube called a “snorkel.” This is very different from scuba diving which will require you to wear much more complicated gear and equipment.

To make sure you don’t get cold feet as a beginner, here are are a few tips for a successful first time snorkeling:

  1. Get your gears right.

Whether you are renting or buying your snorkeling equipment, the one thing to really remember is that everything should fit perfectly. There’s nothing worse than doing a water activity with an ill-fitting equipment so make sure that your mask will not allow any water in or cause fogging because you will have trouble seeing underwater. Your fins should also be not too small, not too big because feeling uncomfortable while trying to breathe and swim below the surface can be exhausting.

  1. Know the weather.

Next thing to do is to check the weather. Yes, snorkeling may not be as intimidating as scuba diving but it will still feel unsettling trying to be at home underwater. Our advice? Try to find out the weather on the day you are scheduled to go snorkeling. If it’s clear and calm, then you have one less thing to worry about while trying to be familiar with the activity. If rain shower or thunderstorms are potentially coming in, then postpone it to some other time. You don’t wanna risk being underwater if a bad weather suddenly comes in.

  1. Understand the ocean.

Once you have the weather checked, it is time to get to know the ocean you are about to conquer. Research about wave patterns, surge, and ocean currents. The sea is massive and has a life of its own so you will do better understanding and respecting how it works. By knowing how the sea moves, you will be better equipped to complement it for both optimum experience and safety purposes.

  1. Practice on shallow waters.

If you want to be sure of a successful first-time snorkel, then practicing on shallow waters is a must. You can either choose to do it on a part of the ocean that is not too deep or you can always try it on the resort pool like the one we have at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas. Doing a practice run will help make you feel more comfortable once you finally do it in the ocean.

  1. Swim slowly.

We get that snorkelling for the first time is exciting but the key phrase here is “first time.” You better take it slow and not swim too fast because that will cause you to feel much more exhausted quickly. To better appreciate the view, you have to swim slowly and at a pace that you will not feel hurried.

Feeling more confident now? Then you better book your stay here at Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas because our seas our ready for you to explore!


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