How to Start your Own Resort in Batangas

Nowadays, people consider social media as part of their everyday lives. This is why it’s almost impossible to see a traveler going on a beach in Batangas adventures without sharing his or her experiences online. And with the onset of technology that allows real-time updating, more and more people are documenting their Batangas beach resort trips live for the world to see.

In fact, the number of travel bloggers actually earning income through this is continuously increasing so it’s no surprise that a lot more travelers are looking to try their hand at blogging (whether traditional or video).

So if you are one of those interested in starting your own travel blog, here are a few things you should consider:

  1. Target a niche market.
    Yes, travel may already be a niche but if you want to actually make a living out of travel blogging, you have to find a niche. For instance, you could choose one from these topics: tropical vacations, city hotel living, budget travelling, or food adventures. By focusing on a niche, you will have a greater chance of earning a loyal following and gaining traction and awareness. Just look at it this way- with a niche, you are building your brand, which takes us to the next item on our list:
  2. Think of a memorable brand name.
    Your blog (or vlog) is your brand and once you have established it, it can stick forever. What we are trying to say is you have to think of this long-term so you better make sure you come up with a blog title that is straightforward yet creative, as well as memorable. It could be directly related to the niche market you picked or could be as simple as your actual name.

  3. Learn basic photography.
    Travel blogging is not just about sharing your experiences, it’s also about doing so to entice your viewers to go out on adventures as well. This means that besides what you say as a blogger, the photos and videos you decide to use will significantly contribute to whether or not they will watch or read your blog/ vlog again. We suggest you learn basic photography and videography so all your shots will be crisp, clear, and creative.
  4. Make it visual.
    Once you have your media assets locked, the next thing to focus on is what your blog/ vlog page will look like. The online world features a lot of bloggers like you so you have find a way to really make your page aesthetically-pleasing with content that is relevant and updated. Make the design minimal so viewers will be able to focus more on your photos, videos, and write-ups instead of getting distracted by an overly-designed website.
  5. Encourage engagement.
    This may mean additional work for you but your success of being a blogger also depends on how you interact with your followers. Being active on social media and connecting your accounts to your blog page is one of the things you can do to encourage engagement. You can also put in a comments section on your every blog article- no worries, you will always have the option to moderate those so you can weed out trolls.

What are you waiting for? Ready your cameras and book your next travel adventure! If you happen to visit us here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, we promise you will have a lot of great content to share online!


Thank you for reading!

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