Makati DEPW Challenged in Eagle Point Resort

Makati DEPW Challenged in Eagle Point Resort

Company outing is one of the things that corporate employees look forward to every summer especially when they choose Batangas beach as team building venue. Aside from it gives employees a time to be away from the office to bond with colleagues, this event usually consists of fun activities to promote engagement within the workforce and to know more of the company.

Well, there are no excuses not to join this eventful activity since company outing is normally free – from transportation, food, admission and sometimes accommodation.

Just this February 9, 2018, a group of employees of City Government of Makati (DEPW) invaded this beach resort in Batangas, Eagle Point Resort. Consist of 265 members arrived around 9:oo in the morning and head straight to their groups designated luggage area before going to Sepoc Beach Center.

We finally arrived at Sepoc Beach Center, a part of Maricaban Island were Eagle Point Resort in Batangas corporate guests team building activities normally happen.

A short welcome remarks and briefing before the program start.

They were divided into 10 equally and uniquely groups. Each team is consist of 18 participants.

Since most of them are not young but not old (haha) and the sun is really bursting hot during those times the facilitators have planned a simple activities or challenges inside the pavilion.

First activity is flag making contest. Each team will create their own flag which symbolizes their teamwork.

You see how focused they are to create their flag that will symbolize their team. With combination of their creativity, ideas and team work finally each team has presented their flags.

After finalizing with their piece, each team was asked to explain how they find their flags and how much effort and team work each member contributed to make the flag.

And now lets proceed with the next activity, its jingle time!

Each group were asked to create their short jingle. Some of them just sing but some also dance.



What’s your next beach resort in Batangas adventure this year? Come and inquire, we will be happy to assist you in making your best company outing with super fun team building activities here at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas!


Thank you for reading!

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