What is the Best Summer Deal in Batangas Beaches?

With the inflation of taxes and expenses creeping in every average income earner’s bank accounts, beach resort in Batangas summer getaways seem to be a burden to be able to afford. However, experiences are better assets than material things so it’s not enough reason to stay clear of travelling even though it can be a real wallet digger.

The lesson here is that you don’t need to be rolling in disposable income to be able to take a breather somewhere in Batangas beaches. You simply need to know how to score some travel deals to make your trip less stressful on your pocket.

Go for underrated spots instead of blockbuster tourist areas

Everyone wants to wander to a sought-after destination like Palawan, Boracay or even overseas where they feel like they can soul search and find themselves. However, most people think this way and before you know it, these top destinations usually sell out in a jiffy even before you can click them. Fortunately enough, Filipinos are blessed with plenty of Instagram-worthy destinations in the Philippines that are sometimes even more spectacular than popular ones.

Be flexible with dates

When is the best time to travel? For promo seat sales, they should be no limit, even if it’s a weekday! It was also discovered that the month of November has the cheapest airfare compared to everything else. Another tip when booking a flight would be to know when the airline’s anniversary is as they usually shell out on another set of flight seat sale.

Travel during off-peak, rainy season

Don’t believe the misconception that you’ll be bound to stay indoors when it’s raining! From June to October, there are seriously a lot of destinations in the Philippines that are better visited during this off-peak period. Another reason why you should travel during this season is that some people are not keen on travelling when the weather is not cooperative, so you’ll get less competition and you get that moment of peace without the buzzling groups of tourists. Just make sure you check the weather forecast for typhoons and other harsh climatic conditions in the country. You’ll also have to public holidays, Holy Week, Christmas & New Year holidays (mid-December to early January), and major festivals like Sinulog.

Book in advance

The early bird catches the worm as they say. For people who cannot commit in travel anytime set-up, it is said that Filipino travelers who want to score cheap airfares should book at least 19 weeks in advance prior to the departure date. It would be best to settle your accommodation before travelling so you can save yourself the extra hassle of finding a suitable place. Most trusted hotels and BnBs can be found and booked online so you only need to check reviews for reference. Eagle Point Resort in Batangas offers pristine beaches, endless ocean vibes and exclusive access to the best diving and snorkeling sites in the Philippines.  


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